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- plačilo preko TRR, Paypal ali osebni prevzem
- pošljem takoj ko prejmem plačilo
- za izgubljene pakete ne odgovarjam
- poštnina po veljavnem ceniku Pošte Slovenije 
- nekateri laki so nerabljeni, nekateri pa 1x ali večkrat
- več info na ali pa mi pusti komentar

- payment via PayPal
- packages will be shipped as soon as I receive the payment 
- I am not responsible for any packages lost in the process of shipping
- shipping rates are based on the weight of the package:
    up to 100 g = 2.26 €
    from 100 g to 250 g = 2,67 €
    from 250 g to 500 g = 4,84 €
    from 500 g to 1 kg = 7,99 €
    from 1 kg to 2 kg = 12,95 €
- some polishes are new, some are used 1 time, some multiple times
- for more info contact me at or leave a comment below


2€ each:
Essie Topless&barefoot (my review) - SOLD
Essie Mademoiselle (my review)
Essie Meet me at sunset (my review) - SOLD
Essie Too too hot - SOLD
Essie Mezmerised (my review) - SOLD
Essie After school boy blazer - SOLD

Alessandro Go magic! Croco glam
Alessandro Go magic! Crystal punk Blue rocks the club - PENDING

Models own Tropical sun
Zoya Rica- PENDING
NYX Emerald forest - SOLD
NYX Dorothy
Kiloh lacquers Zulu 

Madam Glam Simple tan one step gelpolish (my review) - SOLD
Color club Pure energy
Color club Perfect mol-ten
OPI Siberian nights (my review) - SOLD
Orly Lucky duck 

China glaze Shell-o
China glaze Ghoulish glow glow in the dark (my review) - SOLD
China glaze It's alive (my review) - SOLD
China glaze Black mesh crackle glaze
China glaze Holly-day

1€ each:
Essence Make it golden
Essence Superheroes Fantastic girl thermo effect (my review)
Essence Re-mix your style Dance top coat Waking up in Vegas
Catrice L'Afrique, c'est chic L'Orange sand finish (my review)
Catrice L'Afrique, c'est chic Quel bleu turquoise sand finish (my review)

Avon Magic effects Liquid sequin Glimmer (my review)
Avon Magic effects Liquid sequin Sequin (my review)
Avon Magic effects Molten metal Gold (my review)
Avon Magic effects Molten metal Titanium (my review)
Avon Magic effects Molten metal Copper (my review) - SOLD
Avon Magic effect Molten metal Blue steel (my review) - SOLD

Avon nailwear pro+ Vintage boutique - SOLD
Avon nailwear pro+ Modern edge (my review)
Avon Glow nailwear pro+ Plush berry
Avon Gel finish Red velvet (my review)
Avon nailwear pro+ Starry sky
Avon nailwear pro+ Violetta sparkle

L.A. Girl Matte Blue twilight (my review) - SOLD
L.A. Girl Rockstar (black with pink shimmer)
Wet'n'wild Blue moon
Wet'n'wild Teal of fortune - SOLD
Wet'n'wild Timeless red

Alessandro 027 Secret red
Alessandro 055 Dark rubin - SOLD
Alessandro 293 (OPI Merry midnight dupe)
Alessandro 279

Revlon Grape icy
Revlon Tropical temptation - PENDING
Kiko Holographic 401 - SOLD
Yes love Neon glitter G11-2 (my review) - SOLD
Flormar Matte M15

BarryM Pink flamingo (my review)
H&M Wintersky
Manhattan 71S Green chai (my review)
Astor 070 (my review)
L.A. Girl Disco brites Dance studio

Pretty and polished Born again (my review)
Born pretty color change polish 103 (my review)
Misslyn 724 Flower bird (my review)
Sinful colors Go batty glow in the dark - SOLD
Sinful colors Skele-bration glow in the dark

0.5€ each:
Catrice Poison me, poison you
Catrice Rocking royals LE Royal blue suede finish (my review)
Catrice Am I blue or green?
Catrice Genius in the bottle - SOLD
Trend it up 270

Essence See you in my dreams!
Essence Candy cane lemonade ombre top coat
Essence Do you hear the jingle bells?
Essence North pole princess jelly flakes top coat

Essence Red-y to go
Essence Snow white TE Grumpy (my review)
Essence Metallics TE Metal battle
Essence Crazy about color TE Crazy me
Essence Crazy about color TE Think pink

Essence Sun kissed TE Soak up the sun
Essence Sun kissed TE Hello Summer!
Essence We rock the green
Essence Amazed by you (my review)
Essence Jelly baby TE Yummy gummy

Essence Spot on
Essence Movin' on (my review)
Essence Cool and the gang
Essence Cinderella TE Prince Charming (my review)
Essence Divalicious red

Essence TE Gagalectric - SOLD
Essence TE Holoberry - PENDING
Essence TE Blue ray - SOLD
Essence TE Lil@c - PENDING

Essence Hello Autumn TE Beauti-fall red thermo effect (my review)
Essence Superheroes TE The awesome galaxy flakes
Essence Crazy good times TE Candyction
Essence Beauty beats TE I'm backstage
Essence Return to paradise TE My little orchid

Eveline holografic shine 406 - SOLD
Depend holographic 2031  - SOLD
Perfect holographic H8 - SOLD
Polish yer hooves Zombie cow (my review)
Catherine Arley silver holo - SOLD
Essence Glam rock TE Metal babe

b.pretty* Ruby surprise (OPI Every month is Oktoberfest dupe)
Depend 379
MUA Plum noir (my review)
Debby Colorplay 76
L.A. Colors Enchanted
Smart girls get more 122
Uma From Uma with love (my review)

Color girl Nail slicks Midnight forest - SOLD
Color girl Nail slicks Denim
Flormar Supershine 16
Mode Juicy plum
Mohda Ametista

pb Anthracites moire
Sinful colors San Francisco - SOLD
Jordana Twilight
Manhattan 53U
H&M Moon shine

L.A. Colors Brick
Ingrid 360
Lool by Bipa Metallic violet - SOLD
Lool by Bipa Metallic hollogram
Maybelline Glad to be green  - SOLD

CH nail 006 suede
Maybelline colorama 111
Coral prosilk 101
Golden rose 324 - SOLD
Beauty women no name

s-he 008 flakies (my review)
s-he 466
s-he 275
Gabriella Salvete 143
p2 Before sunrise

Magnetic 3D 06
LP magnetic polish 1612
Magnetic polish - SOLD
Essence magnetics Spell bound!
Essence magnetics Hex hex!
Essence Metallics TE Steel me
Esssnce magnetics Miracle shine!

Essence crackling top coat Crack me! Pearly pink
p2 crackling Golden rush
Catrice Glamazona TE Jungle treasure crackling top coat (my review)
Butterfly Articstic cracks silver
Essence crackling top coat Crack me! silver
Essence crackling top coat Crack me! blue
p2 pearl crackling Blue thunder (my review)

Depend crackle effect 5003 pink
Depend crackle effect 5004 red
Depend crackle effect 5011 turquoise
Depend crackle effect  5010 green (my review)
Depend crackle effect 5000 white
Golden rose crackling 111
Golden rose crackling 112
b.pretty* crackling silver

Free with purchase:
Catrice Bloody Mary to go
Essence Deep blue sea
s-he dark red frankenpolish
s-he dark red with gold flakies frankenpolish
Maybelline 95 Green park
Essence Rock'n'roll

Farmasi 36
Farmasi 28 - GONE
Essence Off to Miami!
Essence Fatal
Farmasi 85

Essence Check me out
Essence Where's the party - GONE
Essence Very diva
Essence Icy princess
BeautyUK no name

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