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My parents taught me from a young age that money is something that is earned not given, for which i am eternally grateful. That said, I was soon a very skillful child that knew how to hustle :) It still shows now, I would say I'm very good with handling my money. That includes generally not splurging on cosmetic products that are used often and very quickly. Market is so saturated with different brands that it's not hard to find affordable yet good products. Still from time to time certain products will grab my attention regardless of the price. In this post I'd like to show you a few products that are over my usual budget but are worth the splurge. First a disclaimer in case somebody reads this post and think the products are not expensive - I tried and compared the price of these products with the price of an average drugstore item in this category. Whether you find a product cheap or expensive of course depends on a person. 

Lush I love juicy (14.45€/250g) 
After hearing a lot of praise I caved in and bought I love juicy shampoo and I'm really glad I did. I love juicy is packed with fruit extracts and it cleans my hair gently and thoroughly. It calms my scalp down and since using it, I can last a day longer before washing my hair again. The shampoo is very concentrated so you really need the smallest amount. If you have an oily scalp I would recommend you try it out, Lush is very generous with samples. 

Lush Sleepy (9.20€/95g) 
This lotion was first brought on the market last year as a part of Christmas collection and I really hope it will come back again this year. This pot was kindly gifted to me (thanks again Ana, she the author of the amazing blog Beautysaur) but I would have bought it myself if it was still available. I'm obsessed with the scent and I normally hate lavender. It has subtle notes of lavender mixed with honey and oatmeal. It nourishes the skin and is quite a heavy lotion, perfect before night time. The scent stays on my skin and my clothes till morning and I can't stop smelling myself :) I really really hope they bring it back for the holidays. 

L'Occitane hand creams (8.10€/30ml) 
L'Occitane hand creams are a pick me up for my soul <3 Not only is the packaging cute, they usually smell very nice and make the hands soft. Depending on the formula they either hydrate or nourish the hands. I'm currently using Arlesienne (rich in karite, very nourishing), Pamplemousse Rhubarbe (my all time fave scent, nourishes and hydrates) and Terre de lumiere (hydrating, smell amazing and has tiny shimmer in it). I also really enjoyed Zesty lime, Amande and  Roses et reines. 

Nuxe Huile prodigieuse dry oil (25.90€/100ml
I'm sure you're all familiar with this gem. What hooked me up was a sample of this oil. Nothing makes my skin softer and shinier than this oil. It's a dry oil so it sinks in very fast. I use it for my body and occasionally for my hair. People usually love the scent but I don't care about it that much.

L'Occitane Cleansing and softening shower oil with almond oil
Perfect combination of divine scent and nourishing formulation that leaves the skin super soft. There's a reason this is one of their bestselling products. Shower oil transforms into thick milky lather once it comes in contact with water. I tried different drugstore shower oil but nothing comes close to L'Occitane's one. 

Mont Bleu Callus Remover foot file* (16€) 
This is the best thing I've ever had for foot care! The nail file has different grid on each side, one side is smoother and gentler and the other is coarser and rougher. It leaves my feet smooth and polished. I love how easy it is to clean and I hope to use it for many years more. 

Mirati shower gel* (9.90€/250ml) 
I'm trying to use more skin friendly products so when Mirati offered us to pick a product to test, I went with the shower gel. It a very gentle shower gel with a firm gelee like consistency. It smells like Sprite, citrusy but sweet at the same time. I love the effect it has on my skin, it doesn't dry me out and my skin is much happier after using it.

The balm Mary-Lou Manizer (8.5g/22€) 
This highlighter is another cult favorite. I made the mistake of randomly swatching it in Muller as I was shopping with my sister. This is the softest and most pigmented highlighter I've ever tried. There's no dusting or fallout and the shimmer is very fine. Mary-Lou Manizer is insanely pigmented so you need to be careful when applying it. It leans toward gold so it's perfect for my warm skin tone. This is basically the only highlighter I've been using ever since I bought it. 

Those are my products that I feel are well worth their money. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment bellow (or don't, my wallet will be grateful :)

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  1. Ah dej <3 Hvala :)
    Pilice še kr nisem preizkusla ampak komaj čakam da si vzamem čas in jo sprobam :D
    Od ostalih naštetih stvari me mikata pa samo Terre de Lumiere (karkoli, ker pač tok diši <3) in pa Nuxe olje :D
    Vse ostalo verjamem da je super, ampak ne deluje kot nekaj kar bi mi blo všeč :D
    (Kul ideja za objavo, bom mogoče še jst kej tazga nardila :) )

    1. Veš, da je res <3 :) Terre de Lumiere res diši, sem se mogla prov zavestno ustavit, da nism vzela parfuma. Jaaaa, naredi objavo *.*

  2. Všečna objava. <3 Nekateri izdelki so vredni zapravljanja. Jaz sploh investiram v take, ki jih uporabljam dlje časa. Se popolnoma strinjam z Mary-Lou Manizer (moja stalnica za poletje) in Nuxe olje. :) Če ti je Mary-Lou pozimi rahlo preveč zlata ali pretemna priporočam Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed v odtneku Moonstone. To je bila verjetno moja najboljša naložba do zdaj - ne morem ga nehat uporabljat :D. Priporočam še Zoeva palete za oči - tiste po 10 senčk :).

    1. Hvala <3 Veš da sem Moonstone že gledala, prav pri tebi :D Se mi zdi, da mava dokaj podoben ten kože, tako da se včasih orientiram po tvojih priporočilih :)Senčil pa zadnje čase skoraj nič ne uporabljam, tako da je moja denarnica vsaj tu varna :)


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