Empties #4



Ilirija Kopriva shampoo
This product is so old, I remember being a little kid and having this Ilirija shampoo always in the bathroom. It probably didn't change much, it's a very basic shampoo that does what a shampoo is supposed to - cleans your hair and that's it. It's gentle on the scalp and cleans well.
Repurchase: maybe

Alverde Olive and henna volume shampoo
I'm not the biggest fan of Alverde products but they make good shampoos. They don't foam very much but clean the hair nicely and give them nice volume. I like other Alverde shampoos better.
Repurchase: maybe

Avon Joyful tropics papaya&peach moisturising shower creme
This smelled like a tropical vacation, fruity and summery. My problem is that I quickly get tired of that scent. It also dried my skin up a bit.
Repurchase: no

Balea bodysouffle Zucker schnute
This was a part of a Christmas set if I remember correctly. It was a light bodybutter that smelled of sugar and lemon. Nothing special.
Repurchase: no

CD deo roll-on lotus
When I started using it I was really impressed and I recommended it to anyone. It has a lot of alcohol in it but that didn't bother me. As I was finishing it, I started to get painful bumps on my armpits which really scared me. Safe to say I will never use another CD deodorant.
Repurchase: no

Terra Naturi mattierendes hydrogel Weisser tee & vanilla
This was the biggest waste of money. I was looking for something moisturizing and what I got was a liquidy alcohol bomb. No thanks!
Repurchase: no

Fruttini cherry vanilla body lotion
So glad I bought this in a travel size :) When I was a teenager Frutinni was a very popular brand. When I saw the travel sized products I decided to buy my once fave, Cherry vanilla, to bring back some memories. Apparently I smelled like a baby hooker. Thanks to everyone that didn't told me
Repurchase: no

Avon planet spa Treasures of the desert restoring hand cream
This was a very decent hand cream, very thick and nourishing. At the end I got feed up with the nutty and citrusy scent.
Repurchase: no

L'Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarbe hand cream
Ahhh my Pamplemousse Rhubarbe <3 Fave hand cream ever. I was so sad when I used it up. Luckily my blogger friends hooked me up so I have some stock.
Repurchase: discontinued (if possible yes)

Aveo Mandel nail polish remover
Again, not much to say. This was my fave nail polish remover that is now discontinued. This was my second to last bottle. It ill be missed dearly.
Repurchase: discontinued (if possible yes)

Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra
I had this for ages, I mainly used it for clean up as I didn't like it for removing nail polish. Was ok I guess but nothing spectacular.
Repurchase: no

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lait lipid and Huile lavante cleansing oil 
I was really curious about the Lipikar line as Ive heard a lot of good thing about it. I got a sample of the cleansing shower oil and body milk. It's targeted towards dry and irritated skin which is, especially during the Winter. It made my skin soft and there was no itchiness. I might purchase it in the Fall time, after I use up all my scented and dyed shower gels :)
Repurchase: maybe

Sensai cellular performance day cream
This was a great moisturizer, it nourished my skin and sank in quickly. However given its steep price it didn't wow me.
Repurchase: no

L'Occitane shower oil with almond oil
I am obsessed with the scent of this shower oil, give it sniff if you haven't already, It also makes the skin super soft. It's a bit pricey but worth the splurge.
Repurchase: yes

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