Fall and Winter favorites



fall winter favorites

As soon as the temperatures drop and central heating starts my skin gets even drier. Since Fall my skin saviours have been Afrodita Oil shower gels*. I use Red grapes, Magnolia blossom and Wild orchid. They all have the same rich and creamy structure. Don't let the name fool you, they're not oils like L'Occitane almond shower oil but shower gels, infused with oil They don't dry out my skin and smell amazing. Actually they smell too amazing and I would love if Afrodita came out with an unscented oil shower gel.

fall winter favorites afrodita oil shower gel

Similar dryness and dehydration happens to my face as well. I received Melvita Apricot kernel oil* at BBMU 2016 and I've been using it in my night time routine instead of jojoba oil. It works very similar for my skin, leaving it nourished and plump. Lip balms I've been loving are L'Occitane Miel mandarine* and Arlesienne* They can both double as lip glosses while keeping the lips smooth and soft. I prefer the scent of Miel mandarine but Arlesienne works so well that I keep reaching for it. For some reason my skin not only got extra dehydrated it also got confused and started developing some spots, probably because of all the stress :( I picked up t.a. narava clay mask which helps clearing out my pores. I read somewhere that clay in general recognizes bad chemical in your skin and pull them out with all the toxins but that's just bullshit to put it mildly. You don't need to detox and clay has no mechanism to separate "good" molecules form the bad ones. Good thing I can still enjoy the mask :) 
fall winter favorites skincare melvita loccitane clay

I've stopped using Avon Advanced techniques Supreme oils Duo treatment spray* during the Summer because I kinda forgot about it. With colder temperatures and a lot of hair tugging on scarfs and coats my hair appreciates this nicely smelling duo of silicones and oils. Product has two layers and you have to shake it before use. The mist is very fine and a little of this product goes a long way. Cien clear Nourishing facial toner is the second product that has made its comeback to my routine. It's a great alcohol free toner that is cheap and has nice basic ingredients.
fall winter favorites avon cien

I won't lose too many words talking about perfumes because like I've said before I'm the worst when it come to describing scents. My faves are Lancome La vie est belle edp*, s.Oliver For her edt* and Lady Gaga Fame edp. s.Oliver For her is quite a favorite among other bloggers and I love it as well even though I'm usually not the biggest fan of rose scents but this perfume totally got me. I also must admit that the only reason I bought Lady Gaga Fame was the gorgeous bottle design and the fact that the liquid is black but perfume itself actually smells amazing.
fall winter favorites fragrance sOliver lancom lady gaga

For the past months I loved a good matte mani and Catrice Silk matt top coat transformed my shiny manis to matte one. It works very well and doesn't leave any annoying white spots on the nail. Jessica Phenom top coat* has been pretty much the only top coat I've been using for the past months. It has a very thin formula that dries the nail polish very fast and leaves a high shine. It doesn't give me shrinkage like Seche vite did but it can smear stamping if I'm not careful. Avon Nail experts Advanced mira-cuticle vanishing complex* has been a savior for my cuticles and I did a full review here. I got Madre labs unscented hand cream with argan oil while shopping on iHerb, I can't remember if it was a freebie with purchase or only heavily discounted. This might be the best heavy-duty hand cream I've ever tried. Packed with argan and many other oils it leaves my skin so soft! It's quite greasy so I only apply it before bed. On the packaging it says that it's unscented but that's only partially true. It might not have any additional fragrances but this stuff smells so bad - like brewers yeast. Luckily you have to lift your hands to your nose to actually smell it but it's bad :)
fall winter favorites nails catrice jessica avon madre

Makeup wise I've been keeping it very simple. Freedom Pro glow Meow has been my go-to product, replacing all the blush and contour products. For my eyes I've been using mascara and Nabla Magic pencil nude* in my inner rim. The pencil is a nice nude shade that opens your eyes and makes you look more awake (lord knows I need that :) I love how natural it looks and that it stays on my rim the whole day. No matter how simple my makeup routine gets I always use Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel. Great product, holds your eyebrows in place all day and gives them a hint of color. 
fall winter favorites freedom nabla essence

My lipstick choice could be summarized with the word matte. Essence Matt matt matt lipstick 02 Perfect match has probably my fave. It's almost a perfect match to my natural lip color but better. The staying power is quite good and despite being matte doesn't dry my lips out. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick 660 Touch of spice is in the same color family just darker. The formula is amazing, soft and creamy yet pigmented and it lasts for hours. When I feel like more color I reach for Freedom pro lipstick now 119 Adorn*, a redish purple with tiny shimmer, that still looks matte on the lips. Revlon matte lipstick 009 Fabulous fig is an oldie but a goldie. A very flattering brick red shade with practically indestructible staying power. It does dry out my lips but for such staying power I don't mind.
fall winter favorites matte lipstick

fall winter favorites matte lipstick swatches

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  1. Tale Essence Perfect Match je meni tudi ful všeč :) In isto kot ti praviš, kot da bi imela naravno barvo, samo da zgleda še boljše.

    1. Ja, res je super! Upam, da ne bo kmalu odšla iz prodaje :)

  2. So refreshing je videt tvoje žepu prijazne favorite zdaj ko sem malo prebirala od tujih blogerk, ki očitno ne vejo, da ne rabi bit vsak puder 40 € :) Fame tudi jaz trenutno nosim, čeprav moj je že kar nekaj star, pa ne voham več medu. S. Oliver je meni izjemno podoben Chloe, edino ni tako poprast in pride nežnejši. Me ne navdušuje, žal, ne maram vrtnic, niti Chloe.

    1. Hvala! <3 Jaz uporabljam zelo basic izdelke in za take res ne mislim dajat veliko denarja, sploh ker se najdejo res spodobni izdelki za ok ceno. Upam, da bo moj Fame tudi še dobro dišal čez nekaj let ker imam res preveč parfumov :) s.Oliver je pa mene zelo presenetil, sploh ker načeloma ne maram vonja vrtnic, npr. Afroditin gel za tuširanje z vrtnico mi je ogaben :D

  3. te afroditini šampončki so res odlični!js bi se kar kopala samo v tem, kako lepo dišijo :D


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