Empties #3



Another round of empties :)

empties used up cosmetics
Balea Zucker schnute shower gel
I got in a duo with body lotion. It was a normal "Balea style" shower gel, nothing special. The scent was very nice, sweet and lemony.
Repurchase: no

Afrodita Romantic peony cream shower gel
This came out in the Spring in their floral line. It smelled nice, like peonies mixed with something sweet. The shower gel was very moisturizing but I prefer Afrodita's oil shower gels even more.
Repurchase: no

Eveline Argan + keratin exclusive shampoo 8in1
I'm always skeptical of products that promise way too much. I can turn a blind eye to a 2in1, but 8in1 is just too much :) This shampoo is meant for colored, highlighted and damaged hair. Mine was just damaged so maybe I'm not even the right person to test it. This truly was a heavy duty shampoo, it foamed very much and left my hair nourished. For me it was too heavy, probably because of all the silicones and oils in it. If your hair is very damaged give it a go, otherwise you can get better and cheaper shampoo
Repurchase: no

I love... Minty choco chip shover gel
This smelled like straight up After eight mind chocolate candy <3 The problem was the formula, it's very runny and you get more gel on the floor of your shower than on your body. It also dried out my skin. But the smell oh the smell <3
Repurchase: no

Balea 5% urea 2in1 shower gel and shampoo
I needed a shampoo with no silicones and SLS to use it as s cleansing shampoo. This was actually decent, it cleaned my hair nicely without drying them out.
Repurchase: maybe
empties used up cosmetics balea afrodita eveline i love minty urea

Jessica Hand & body moisturizing emulsion
It's a light moisturizing cream for hands, feet and skin. I read some good reviews but personally I didn't like it. The ingredients are horrible, I didn't like the smell and there was no effect whatsoever. Definitely wouldn't buy it on my own. Shame because their Phenomen oil is really good
Repurchase: no

Essence 24h hand protection balm Banana dark chocolate
Another Essence "winter edition" hand cream. I get too excited and buy too many of them and then I use them up years later. This wasn't all that good, it was the artificial banana scent that bothered me
Repurchase: no

Essence 24h hand protection balm Caramel hot chocolate
I liked this much more than the banana one. It smelled nice and nourished my hands nicely, like most Essence's hand creams do.
Repurchase: no

Essence studio nails Moisturizing cuticle cream
This had a peach candy smell and it was the main reason I bought it. The cuticle cream itself didn't impress me, it was more like a regular hand cream. I forgot about it and it went bad fast
Repurchase: no

Catrice Eyebrow filler perfecting & shaping gel 010
This was my first "proper" colored eyebrow gel. It's not bad, it gives them slight color and holds them in place. Now I'm using Essence eyebrow gel and I like it better
Repurchase: no

L'Oreal False lash wings intenza
I won this mascara in a giveaway by Živa from Nothin' fancy. Really. Normally I buy cheap mascaras because I feel they do the job just as well (plus I'm cheap and mascaras have to be replaced often). This was a very average mascara, it didn't clump them together but it also didn't lengthen them all that much.
Repurchase: no
empties used up cosmetics jessica essence hand cream catrice brow gel loreal mascara

Lycon Pomegranate sugar scrub and hand & body lotion
I really liked the scrub, it had a jelly but thick formula so there was no mess on the shower floor. The body lotion was very light and moisturizing which I liked. I had a problem with the scent, I'm obsessed with pomegranate but this was just an artificial sugary mess.
Repurchase: no

Balea Aqua moisturizing cremegel
My favorite face cream so far, it's like a glass of water for your skin. Currently I'm drowning in face creams to test but in the Summer I will return to this one <3
Repurchase: yes

Avon care Cocoa butter face cream
This was a very heavy cream. I wanted to use it as a night cream but it's very scented and the scent didn't want to fade away which bothered me. I gave the cream to my mother who has dry skin as well and she liked it.
Repurchase: no

Labello lip butter Coconut
Sign me up for anything coconut scented <3 I used this as a night lip balm but my lips didn't like it. I need something more nourishing, I feel as this only formed a layer on top o my skin. It also changed scent really quickly
Repurchase: no

NYX Haute Jersey leopard couture lipgloss
Lipgloss was a part of the Haute Jersey leopard couture palette. I'm not really a lipgloss girl so it went bad and I had to toss it.
Repurchase: no
empties used up cosmetics jessica lycon balea aqua avon
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  1. Uf si stroga, skoraj nič ne boš ponovno kupila. Ampak se kr strinjam s tabo, kar sem poskusila izmed teh tudi jaz načeloma ne bi več kupila, bi raje poskusila kaj novega. :)

    1. Odraščam in dvigam standarde :) To so empties iz obdobja, ko sem porabljala stare stvari, ki so bile že blizu konca - torej vse pozabljene slabše izdelke.Imam en yes in en maybe :D

  2. Glede Balea kreme imam eno vprašanje. In sicer za kakšen tip kože je primerna? Sama imam suh tip in me zanima če bi mi ustrezala ta linija kreme?

    1. Bi rekla da je primerna za normalni do suhi tip. Sama imam suho in dehidrirano kožo in mi tale krema za jutra zelo paše, sploh v kombinaciji z večerno nego z olji (jojobino olje ali olje mareličnih pešk).

  3. Super objava. :) Obožujem empties objave, tvoje so mi še posebej všeč, ker si precej kritična do izdelkov.:P
    Za I Love...gele je res škoda, da so tako redke teksture, ker vonji so odkični. :(
    Jaz tudi ravno uporabljam to L'oreal maskaro, pa me tudi nekak ne prepriča. L'oreal maskare so meni ene boljših, ampak ta je proti ostalim res precej povprečna. :/ Drugace pa je tudi meni j
    Essence brow gel boljši od Catrice. :D
    A mogoče veš, če ima Essence letos tudi kakšno posebno izdajo kremic za roke? :) vsako leto jih zgrešim, edino to z banano imam in mi je všeč (me spominja na tiste čokoladne penast bananice njam). :)

    1. Hehe hvala :)Za I Love...gel mi je najolj žal od vseh izdelkov v tej objavi, res sem hotela upravičt ponovni nakup ampak za čiščenje banje imam druge produkte :D
      Letos še nisem zasledila napovednika Essence zimskih krem za roke, edino v božični kolekciji sta dve kremi.


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