April favourites



Another month, another faves :) Let's dig right in!

Freedom pro glow Meow
I admit, I bought it for the design <3 But after the first use I was hooked. Meow is a blush/bronzer hybrid that also gives a great lit from within shine to your cheeks. I've been using it almost daily this past month and I can see myself reaching for it all Summer long.

Rimmel BB cream radiance in light
My skin has been acting up lately (thank you stress) so I was on the search for a light moisturizing cream that would also give me some coverage. I've been using Rimmel BB cream and I quite like it. It evens out my skin tone without totally hiding my natural skin. It also doesn't cling onto any dry patches I might have which is also amazing. 

Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara 02 Browny eyes
For the longest time I've been using Catrice gel for my eyebrows. because I like to live dangerously I picked Essence Make me brow instead. I like it even more that the Catrice one! It gives your eyebrows a bit of color, gently fills them in and holds them in place all day all. I also love that it gives a very natural effect and your brows still look like your brows.

Essence Blossoms etc. eau de toilette
This is a really old bottle, Blossoms etc. TE came out in 2011. Surprisingly, the scent and longevity of the perfume stayed the same. It has a very clean and gentle floral scent, great for daily use. I thought for a really long time that I'm not into floral scents but lately I've manage to pinpoint what was bothering me - scent of roses! Thank you Afrodita Secret garden shower gel for that discovery :)

L'Occitane Pamplemousse rhubarbe hand cream
This is from L'Occitane's winter collection which was a winner in my book. I was saving this hand cream for spring because of its great fresh and citrusy scent. Grapefruit is my favourite fruit and the combination with rhubarb and spices is very pleasing. The cream itself is good too, it has a lighter consistency and it leaves your hands nice and moisturized. I already dread the day I'll use this up :( Unfortunately it was a limited edition and I'm kinda sad I didn't stock up on it. Too bad because this just might be the best damn hand cream I've ever had. 

Jessica Phenomen oil 
Amazing products <3 Filled with nourishing oils and it smells amazing <3 It has a strong scent of bitter almond and apricot seeds so the scent probably won't be everybody's cup of tea. More about it in an upcoming Jessica post.

Beannies Nutty hazelnut flavour instant coffee
I used to be "wake up and make up", now it's "wake up and caffeinate yourself". Coffee really did help me get through this month. I usually drink Turkish coffee, no milk or sugar but sometimes I crave something extra. Beannies makes flavoured instant coffee and as a birthday gift I got a few flavours. This month I've been hooked on Nutty hazelnut flavour. The price is quite steep, around 5€ for 50g jar but you really do need less than a teaspoon for a serving.

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  1. Prepričala simez oljčkom za nohte. In tale kavica..joj..ravno pijem eno črno z malo mleka:) ampak bi tudi tole tvojo probala:)

    1. Olje je res super! Kave so pa tudi odlične, mam še par ostalih okusov na spisku za nakup :)

  2. Oooo, I feel you, kar se tiče kave. Ta okus je tudi meni naj :). Btw, a veš da sem danes prvič, po mnogih letih uporabila ta isti parfum? :D

    1. Hehe usklajeni :) Jaz sem čisto pozabila na tale parfum dokler se nisem spravila pospravljat in ga spet našla. Res je super <3

    2. Meni je pred leti FUL dišal, sedaj mi ne več tako zelo. Hm. Hormoni pa to, verjetno. :D Bo verjetno pri meni spet aktualen čez nekaj let ;).

  3. Mogoče bom mogla sprobat tole Rimmel BB kremo, ker se mi zadnje čase ne da ukvarjaz z full-face makeupom :)

    1. Sprobaj, je poceni ;) Na začetku deluje precej gosto ampak se stopi v kožo <3

  4. Joj, Jessica olje je res fenomenalno! Ta Essence parfum pa sem gledala fuuul časa in ko sem se končno odločila, da si ga kupim, ga niso več imeli :P Me pa Essence res navdušuje s temi parfumi iz omejenih izdaj, tistega iz Circus, Circus kolekcije sem si kupila na zalogo, ker mi je top ;)

    1. Res je odlično <3 Uuu super, si me spomnila, da imam jaz tudi nekje še Circus, circus parfum :)

  5. Me prav zanima tale Freedom hibridek.
    Za oljček se pa strinjam, meni je top in nasploh cela linija, ki smo jo dobile :)

  6. Kava! Že nekaj časa si jo ogledujem. 😊


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