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Today I have a review of Born pretty store nail foil for you. As I was typing the title of this post I accidentally wrote holo nail fail which is exactly what this is :) I don't know if this is bad foil or I just don't know how to use it but I wasn't able to transfer much of the holo on my nails :( 
First I applied black polish and waited for it too dry almost completely and then put nail foil on. That didn't work well as more polish sticked to the foil then foil on polish. Then I tried with Essence foil glue. I painted my nails and after they were completely dry I put a thin coat of glue and again waited for it to almost dry. The foil seemed to stick better (the result is on photos) but no holo. It still looked good but more metallic blue rather than holo.

Orly Liquid vinyl 2 coats + PBS nail foil + top coat 

BPS holo nail foil is available here for 2.45$ and you can browse for more nail art here  
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

If anyone has any foil tip please let me know!

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  1. That didn't transfer well at all.... I had a lot of trouble with the bps foils at first, too. The only thing I've gotten to work is *their* foil glue and I think it's starting to clump... >_<

    1. Nope, and the foil is so pretty :( Too bad for the glue, maybe i'll get it next time and give it a try

  2. Uff tele pa res niso uporabne, je s temi folijami včasih toliko dela, da pridejo lepo :)

    1. Jap :( Lahko dajo zelo lep končni efekt, samo tole žal ni ratalo


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