January favourites



Another month, another favourites :) January brought me a lot of work and a lot of stress but also some amazing products. Let's get right in!

Balea Reinigungs öl:
Balea Reinigungs öl changed my night time routine <3 It's a cleansing oil, that you massage into your face and then wash it off with water. It breaks down makeup and dirt really well and doesn't leave your skin dry. For 2,60€ this truly is a gem. I had pricier cleaning oils on my wish list but after trying this one, I don't think I'll buy any of them. Give it a go, you won't regret it! Would anyone be interested in a separate, demo post about this cleansing oil? 

Hansaplast foot expert Anti hornhaut foot cream: 
On average, I walk about 5 km per day. Combine that with dry skin and you got yourself a feet situation :) Hansaplast foot expert Anti hornhaut foot cream contains urea and it hydrates my feet really nicely. I've been using this every night before bed and my feet have never looked better. I won this cream in a giveaway hosted by The beauty of nail polish so thank you Tara!

Balea Aqua feuchtigkeits cremegel:
I am a big fan of Balea Aqua serum but they didn't have it in my Dm as I was shopping. Since I was in a desperate need of a moisturiser, I decided to give Balea Aqua feuchtigkeits cremegel a go. Best decision of this year :) It's a super lightweight creme/gel hybrid that gives my skin all the moisture it needs. I don't remember when was the last time I fell for a face cream like that. Balea Aqua is a great line and now I have the Aqua eye cream on my radar.  

Dvorec Trebnik Argan ointment:
End of December Dvorec Trebnik surprised me with a few of their products. There will be a separate post about them but I just had to give Argan ointment a shout out. I've been using it all month as my nightly hand "cream". It's a thick and potent ointment with great ingredients and it leaves my hands super soft. It's very greasy though so I wouldn't recommend it for day time.

Alessandro Gel look top coat:
I got this top coat in my Alessandro advent calendar and I've been using it non stop this month. It's a thick top coat that dries very fast and gives you very glossy nails. It works great with glitters as well and most importantly, it doesn't give me shrinkage (ahh Seche vite, I'm still holding a grudge).

L'Occitane Miel mandarine lip balm:
I already talked about this lip balm in my L'Occitane blogger event post. L'Occitane Miel mandarine lip balm was a part of the goody bad we received and it has been my lip saviour this month. I've been using it before bad and also during the day. It melts on your lips and also gives them a nice shine. You get 12 ml of product so it will keeps me company for a long time. The scent is nice and not too strong so there's no fear of getting tired of it.

Nanshy Large shader brush: 
I haven't been wearing much makeup this month (if any, the PhD depression has really started to kick in). If I did, I kept the eyes simple and only used a single eyeshadow. This is where the Nanshy Large shader brush came in handy. It's a big and dense brush that can cover your lid in a swipe or two. It's great when you're in a hurry and only need a wash of color across your entire lid. Blend the edges and you're good to go. I got it at Beautiful bloggers meetup conference and it made me really curious about other Nanshy products.

As you can see, January has been a great month and I found some staple products. What did you like the past month?

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  1. JA, za posebno objavo o Balea olju. Hočem prebrati čim več dobrih stvari o njem, da potem najdem izgovor, da ga kupim kljub temu, da imam preveč cleanserjev :D

    1. To vedno potrebuješ, obraz je ja treba čistit ;) Vsaj jaz si to rečem :D
      Se bom potrudila, da bo za vikend objava na blogu

  2. I am obsessed with cleansing oils and would love to read more about this one...

    1. I totally understand you <3 I hope I can make it during the weekend

  3. I'd like a review on the Balea oil, I've been eyeing it at DM but haven't decided to pick it up yet (I'm using Greengirl cleansing oil right now). The eyeshadow brush looks amazing! and I'm glad the Balea aqua gel-creme is working for you, I love the Aqua serum and been using it for years, but my skin just doesn't like the gel-creme.

    1. I'll try to get the post up for the weekend *.* Aqua serum is amazing as well, I'm glad it works for you!


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