My favorite Fall polishes


Can you believe I've never done a post like this before? Shame since Fall is my favourite season <3
I generally don't divide shades into seasons, I just wear whatever I like but I do gravitate towards some colors more in the Fall.

Let's start with the obvious.....

Dark jewels: Just replace florals with shimmery jewel colors and Spring for Fall and you get your typical Fall colors :) But they do look so damn nice.
- Flormar Supershine 14
- OPI Every month is Oktoberfest
- ELF Cranberry


Duochromes: duochromes are to Fall what holos are to Summer :) For some reason duochromes don't show their full potential in strong sunlight so moody rainy Fall in perfect for duochromes.
- Sally Hansen Amber ruby
- Orly Space cadet
- Color club Alias

Darkest darks and brightest brights: black will always be a classic color for me. It can be whatever you want, from chipped matte edgy to high shine elegant. Neons are usually not peoples first choice for Fall but since people tend to wear darker colored clothes, neon nails add a great pop of color.
- Medusa 23
- China glaze Pool party
- Models own Hedonist


Dark blues: I love the way a nice, dark blue looks on nails, it's dark but not too dark so everyone can pull it off.
- Avon Splendid blue
- Manhattan 710T
- Essie After school boy blazer

 Brown nudes: nudes are always a great chioce but for Fall I tend to go for darker, dustier nudes. 
- Depend 379
- Maybelline 111
- Essie Smokin' hot

What polishes are your faves for this time of the year?
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  1. Aaaa blue ones <333

    I'm fashion and beauty blogger from Slovenia! If you want to follow each other, let me know!

    1. Temno modri odtenki so res super <3

  2. O bog, tale Sally Hansen lak pa izgleda izjemno lepo. <3 *I need*

    1. Ja res je čudovit <3 Ampak mislim, da te linije ne delajo več, jaz sem ga na enem blogsale-u našla se mi zdi

  3. great picks! :) love all of them!


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