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If you follow Slovenian blogger you probably already know that Cosnova organised another blogger event. I was invited last year and it was fantastic, I didn't believe they could improve anything but boy was I wrong. This year the event was even better and more organised. Before the event a few bloggers went for a cup of coffee and after a short and fun ride with the funicular we arrived at the Ljubljana castle. 

The event was held at a beautiful hall that's actually a wedding hall :) We were greeted by the lovely employees and delicious fruit cocktails/smoothies. We had time to take some photos and then the presentation started. It was a short and interesting presentation of both brands, Essence and Catrice, they even showed us some previews of the upcoming collections. After the presentation they told us we can take 10 products of each brands - heaven! So we all started browsing and swatching all the products. We could also get makeup and nails done. I can't forget to mention how delicious the food was, the macaroons were amazeballs and everything looked so pretty with the Essence and Catrice logos. They even had coffee so I would be totally pleased with just that *coffee addict here*
The biggest surprise was when the event ended, we each got 2 big bags filled with products and the cutest stationary <3 I am still in shock and I feel so spoiled. I already gave some to my family and friends and some will be on my blog tomorrow in a giveaway.

My photos are not the best because I always get so excited haha :) A lot of bloggers already have their post up so I will link them below and you can check their post and photos too. I really wish I could chat with them more but I'm extremely introverted and the bigger the crowd the quieter I get, but it was nice to see so many bloggers I follow in person.

Thank you again Natalija and the rest of Cosnova team <3 

Katja from Viva la vida
Živa from Nothin' fancy. Really
Taya from Taya - My Little Beauty World
Mateja from Mateja's beauty blog
Tinna from Tinna's pink place
Polona from UniqaPoly
Ajda and Tjaša from Ajda&Tjasa's beauty corner
Gejba from Parokeets
Ajda from Etiketa magazin and Ajda's blog
Sara from Passing fancy
Tamara from Cherry colors
Gin from Baroque fool
Urška from Get them curious
Katja from Nail2express

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  1. Oh wow so many goodies :-D Loving the polishes - drooling just looking at them :-D

    1. They really spolied us <3 It was a polish heaven, I tell you :)


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