Catch of the month: March



I'm a bit late posting that but oh well, we're still in the first part of April :) I've been a very lucky lady this month <3 I only bought one polish and a stamping plate, the rest were all acts of kindness.

I won a giveaway over at Deja Zu (go check her out if you don't know her yet) and I've got the Nfu oh beauties from my boyfriend as a part of my Bday gift:
- Essie After school boy blazer
- Manhattan M 71S "Green Chai"
- Nfu oh 97
- Nfu oh 54

Then  got a big surprise: my boyfriends cousin from Serbia remember about my Bday and sent me some polishes even though we only met once, that really touched me <3
- Maybelline colorama 111
- Cairuo 29
- Cairuo 28
- Medusa 23

Remember Deja Zu from a few seconds ago? Yeah she sent me some more polishes that needed a new home:
- Avon Gunmetal
- Catrice 840 Genius in the bottle
- Barry M 244 Hologram
- Australis Glitter top coat Fairy bread

- Avon Coral reef
- Barry M 305 Pink Flamingo
- Catrice 630 Sing:Hey, Dirty- Lilah

 Lat some nail art goodies:
- Born pretty QA66 stamping plate
- N.NAIL heart glitter mix (sent for review)
- N.NAIL water decals (sent for review)

- Born pretty studs (sent for review)
- Born pretty QA44 stamping plate (sent for review)
- Born pretty water decals (sent for review)

Thanks for stopping by**

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  1. A very interesting and nice blog.
    Greetings from Portugal

    Paulo Gonçalves

  2. Holy cow! AWESOME!! I can't wait to see how Nfu Oh 54 works for you. I had serious drying issues with it, so you might need a quick dry topcoat and a lot of patience. It's worth the effort, though!!

    1. Hehe thanks :) I already tried 54, it's breathtaking <3 I put fast drying topcoat as usual and it stayed on my nails really well


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