Tony Moly Nail Shuffle SH02 Staring Peach



Today I have this super cute nail polish for you. Usually I don't go for shades like this but because it's a neon-ish pastel, I had to have it (and it's pink and yellow sibling :)
This are two coats over white since it's a pretty sheer polish. It contains different glitter in white, orange and red and it ranges from dots, squares to stars <3 It dries semi matte so I put topcoat on. This polish (or the layering combination) is very durable and it didn't chip on me for many days, I took it off cause I got bored of it and I had a huge nail growth showing. I got it of eBay for around 4-5 euros if anyone wondered.

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  1. sooo jelly :) and i can vouch they where so epic since i had the honor to see them in real life :)

    1. No need :) Yep, they totally looked better in real life <3

  2. Meni zgledajo kot rdeče in bele krvničke ;P
    Luštna manikura ;)


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