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Since I had shorter nails due to breakage I decided to try some stamping again. My pointy nails were to long for over-the-nail stamping and I suck at stamping small images in the center of my nails so I avoided it :) But with shorter nails it worked out just great. My stampings are not perfect but considering I don't do it often I'm pretty pleased with the result. For the base I used Essence Fatal and then I used Konad m83 plate and Essence A piece of forever for stamping. For topcoat I used Essence Nail art sealing top coat and it didn't smudge the polish (unfortunately the old version of this top coat isn't available no more).

I loved wearing this mani, it reminded me of pretty wallpapers <3

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  1. Replies
    1. I'd totally have wallpapers like that

  2. WOW!!! This looks absolutely stunning :) Love it!!!

  3. Krasna manikura, konad je čist fancy :)

  4. meni je tok žal da nisem kupla tega zlatega ker je za vzorčke zakon. in zdaj skos iščem takšnega ki bi ustrezal. trenutno uporabljam zlati magnetic lak, ampak je bolj zlato srebrne barve in ni to čis to :(

    1. Res škoda :( Jaz sem ga kupila ravno s tem namenom, ker mi je kot sam lak res grd hehe :) Malo še počakaj, saj Essence kar reciklira te kolekcije ;)


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