Essence Superheroes TE Fantastic girl



On Wednesday I had a lucky day, I found a pretty untouched stand of Essence Superheroes TE. To be honest I expected more from this collection s I only took two polishes, the thermo Fantastic girl and the galaxy The awesome. Nail polish remover was also tempting cause I've never it in gel form before but I decided to wait for reviews (if you've seen any, please link me up). Now on to the polish, I decided to try Fantastic girl first. Essence did quite a good job with this one. In the bottle and when cold it's purple and muted fuchsia when warmer. The effect is really nice under cold water but the shift is so fast I couldn't take proper pick but Taya did manage to get them (you can see her post here). This is how it looked normally on hands, pinker over nail beds and darker where the free edge is. This was two coats, the consistency was a bit jelly but it applied nicely.

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  1. Moram reči, da na tebi prav krasno izgleda, na meni je bil skoz pink (je pa res, da je bil lep dan in mi je bilo vroče). Ga je bilo pa res težko za pofotkati. Hvala za link. :)

    1. Ni problema :) Mene je pa cel dan malo zeblo pa malenkost daljše nohte mam že


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