Catch of the month: September



As you can see, things are back to normal :) In the beginning of September I finished all my exams and I got my diploma. That meant no more days spent in the library and more days spent online and real life shopping :) I totally deserved it after all the studying hell I had to go trough :)

This was my online purchase as a gift to myself for finishing my firs level classes:
- Perfect sand lacquer 52
- Perfect sand lacquer 73
- Perfect sand lacquer 60
- Golden rose Holiday nail color 58
- Golden rose Impression nail color 13

- Flormar Supershine 14
- Flormar Black dot 1
- Flormar Black dot 3
- Flormar Glitter 2
- Perfect Glitter 41
- Perfect Glitter 33

The rest are random buys, blog/forum sales, review products and a few gifts from Miss Gin again, who else gives me nail polish but her <3

- Essence Beauty beats TE Groupie at heart
- Essence Beauty beats TE I'm backstage
- Essence Glorious Aquarius
- Essence Metal glam TE gold topper Steel-ing the scene
- BK glow in the dark 13

- China glaze Crystal ball
- Sinful colors Green ocean
- Sally Hansen nail prisms Amber ruby
- Hot topic Blackhearted beauty (no name)
- Kiko Sugar mat 633

- OPI San Francisco minis (send for reviewing purposes)

- Neon studs from eBay
- Heart 3D nail sticks (send for reviewing purposes)
- Silver metallic nail stickers

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  1. Sami hudi lakci <3 Tele flormar si pri nas dobila? moram it spet malo pogledat kaj imajo :)

    1. Hvala <3 Nope, Flormar sem naročila na

  2. Aaa, Flormar Black Dot. Vidim, da moram kmalu spet v Ljubljano (predvidevam, da si jih kupila v Supernovi). :)

    1. Aham <3 Flormar sem naročila na Mogoče jih imajo tudi na Rudniku, samo nisem pa prepričana

    2. Bom šla pogledat naslednjič, ko bom v LJ, če se dobijo tudi pri nas. :)

    3. Poglej pa poročaj :) Mene bolj poredko zanese na Rudnik

  3. oh Lord oh Lord I love the Hot topic Blackhearted beauty!!! *.* where did you get it? I love the bottle, the color, the sparkles, everything! *.*

    1. I love it too <3 Unfortunately this polish was bought in America and I got it as a gift :/

    2. damn... :/ I totally fell head over heels for it...

    3. I'm sorry, I know hot it feels to see gorgeous polishes that are not easily available :(

    4. I even tried finding it on ebay... no luck... ah well, I guess I'll have to buy a skull glass or a skull bottle I found there, instead =P

    5. Hhehe you definitely need the bottle and a glass too :D I found two other shaeds of skull polish if it helps:

    6. I didn't find any :O I really dislike pink (except when it's more of a fuchsia - violety pink) but I think I'll get it just for the bottle xD the other one doesn't ship to Croatia :/

  4. O i flormar je izbacio ove s tockicama :D super mi je shopping ovaj mjesec :)


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