Etude house PWH905 Boom Boom Boom



Glitter bomb wiiiiiii :) Who doesn't like that? I got this baby a while ago on eBay and it's a fun mix of different shaped chunky glitters (bars and diamond ones) in white, black, silver, red and purple. For the base I used Essence Got a secret, two coats of pale grey creme. Then I added two coats of Boom Boom Boom. I needed two coats cause I'm ditsy and didn't notice that the glitters sunk down a bit. Should have shake the bottle and then one coat would be enough. The glitters are quite chunky so I added a thick coat of topcoat which sadly resulted in some bubbling. I still like this combination :)

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  1. šteta zbog nesretnog finiša ali manikura u svakom slučaju izgleda zanimljivo, sviđa mi se :D


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