Catch of the month - April



This month I think I did.........pretty well I guess? Given the situation :) I didn't buy much here, but I kinda took advantage of my trip to Serbia.

Random buys and late Bday gift:
- Essence Soul sista TE Mojito green
- Essence Fruity TE Mashed berries
- Ruby Kisses "Look at me" purple
- Essence Hex hex!
- Essence Gold fever

 My first nail stickers, got them as a gift. Anyone tried them before?
- Essence Studio nails gel style nail stickers Cult object from Capetown


I kinda went all out in Serbia, but they were so cheap I couldn't say no :)
- Golden rose 287
- Golden rose 203
- Golden rose 303
- Golden rose 294

- Golden rose 338
- Golden rose 276
- Golden rose 324
- She bunny 137

- Inches Life is game of inches
- Inches Hip-hop
- Aura nail beauty Ladylike
- V.I.P. Rouge fatal

- Nascita (no name)
- Classics 10
- Classics 60
- winner for the end; no brand, no name, scraped off handle :) I took it out of pity really.....and because it was less than 30 cents :)

Any tips for the Essence stickers?
Thanks for stopping by**

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  1. nice haul! I'm curious to hear what you'll say about the nail stickers!

    1. Thanks :) I will keep you posted about the stickers :)

  2. Essence Gold Fever and Inches Hip Hop are my swatch requests please! xo


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