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How is everyone? My exams haven't even started and the stress is already taking a toll on me. Ok, enough with the selfpity party, let's get to the nails :)

When I saw promo picks for this TE, I was more or less "meh" about it. Not one nail polish looked interesting, it was whether colors I don't like or shades that I already have. About two weeks ago I accidentally stumbled on a half empty stand. There was only one Take my red away left. It looked plain red (and I have a lot of that in my stash) but I kinda had to take it :). Now I'm really happy I did. This is one coat, no topcoat, look at how shiny it is! It's a gorgeous, pink leaning creme red, it dries very fast and I would really regret not buying it.

And cause I'm a major glitter whore, I sponged the tips with OPI Glow up already from Burlesque collection.

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  1. Lep! :) Pa bleščice so super popestritev. :) Me pa malo odtenek spominja na rdečega iz 50's Girls Reloaded, tisti je tudi krasen.

  2. O, krasen rdečko! Če bi ga takrat našla na stojalu, bi ga vzela. Tako pa sem potem kupila samo blush...

  3. @Mateja: Mateja Hvala :) Žal sem zgrešila rdečega iz 50's gilrs realoded, tako da žal ne morem primerjati (no ja, kot da bi rabla še enega rdečega ;)

    @Biba: No pri meni so bili pa blushi pobrani :) Počakaj na DM-e, če bo pri njih morda

  4. O šit kk je lep! o.O ne morem se nagledat, pa kako lepe nohtke imaš! Bleščice so pa pika na i!

  5. Že videno, pa vseeno čudovit odtenek.

    1. Originalen ravno ni, se strinjam, je pa vseeno super :)

  6. Oooh the red is pretty, looks edible like sweets. And it's fab withe the gold too, like saying "Christmas is over? See if I care!" I love your cute blog, found it through Sana's Cellar and very glad I did, now following. :-) x


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