Essence Metallics TE Steel me



Well, this is my first non failed magnetic mani *slow clap* I have quite curved nailbeds so the magnets usually didn't work ( uneven distance between magnet and the whole surface of my nail). Recently I ordered a cheap magnet on ebay and it worked very good, yay cheap ebay crap :)

This is one thick coat of Steel me, a nice charcoal grey/silver.

I really like the effect and I'm so happy i finally made it work. Also, from Essence's previews it looks like they're making a red and blue magnetic polish in spring. *happy dance*

Do you like the magnetic effect or do you prefer something else?
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  1. This is great I like this polish but I only have the magnet that could be bought with it so I never have such amazing results with it

    1. I had problems with other magnets too :( I guess you just have to try them out

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