Essence Re-mix your style TE Maybe I'm amazed


Yeah, I'm totally amazed ;) I got really lucky with this collection, because I found it untouched. I couldn't resist and bough two toppers, Waking up in Vegas (flakies, d'oh :) and Just can't get enough. I also got bases Light my fire, Maybe I’m amazed and Show me the way.

Maybe I'm amazed is a gorgeous plum purple creme for Essence's last trend edition. You need two coats for full coverage, it dries fast and has a typical Essence old Multi dimension brush. I planned it as a base for Waking up in Vegas topcoat (also Re-mix TE) but I think I'll leave it as it is, at least for a day :)

Did you get anything from this TE?
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  1. Ja, zahvaljujoč tebi imam nekaj iz te :D :*

  2. Ooh, I really wanted to get the topcoat too, but apparently only a handful of stores here will get it.

  3. Biba: pa še kdaj ;)
    marox79: I hope you will get it :)

  4. oh, it's very pretty! I bought it for a swap but maybe I'll have to get one for myself! I really really love this kind of colors!
    BTW, great swatches!!!!!


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