Too much reality shows manicure



I felt like something colorful again, so I decided for Essence Wake up, Sadly it bubbled, so I had to fix it. With leopard print nail art. Don't ask me why, cause I don't even know it myself. I think somewhere between Jersey shore and Jerseylicious, I lost it. And for a deep, dark, morbid chick I now have waaay to many animal print underwear (sorry for the TMI:) So I guess neons and animal print it is from now on ;)

I think ''the claw'' style of posing is totally acceptable for this kind of manicure :)

Thanks for stopping by*

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  1. Jersylicious sm lih dons ujela hahaha :) človek ne ve a bi se smeju al joku!

    drzna rawr manikura :) i like it!

  2. O, super! Kaj takega pa nisem pričakovala na tvojih nohtih, ki so že prav dolgi :)

  3. @.sparkle*: joj vem ja, ampak jst sem čist padla v te serije ;)
    @Biba: you&me both ;) Rastejo pa ja, samo kdo bo to pilil :/
    Hvala obema*
    @nail crazy: thanks ;)

  4. dobra kombinacija!!! :) in res lepi nohti :)


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