First attempt at scotch tape nail art :)



As the tittle says, my first tape mani. This was totally inspired by this Nailside mani. I used the same polishes, but considering this is my first time with scotch tape, I decided stripes are gonna be hard enough. It's far from perfect, but you gotta star somewhere right? ;)

Polishes I used:
- Essence Fatal (super glossy jelly black <3)
- Essence Where is the party? (amazing green violet duo, I'll definitely wear it on it's own)
- Catrice Forget me not (purple foil, whole mani coming soon also)

I topped it all with a matte topcoat, which was a mistake. Mine is a bit thick and it's starting to form white spots on my nails :/

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by **

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  1. Thank you :) Maybe one day I'll be half as good at it as you are ;)

  2. Oooo, sem slučajno videla tole manikuro =). Super kombinacija. Izgleda res prekrasno <3


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