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How are you all? I'm getting really pissed off with all this rain we had that's melting my snow :(
Essence released another collection a few weeks ago called Fairytale and I bought two polishes, one of them is Once upon a time. Very fairytale appropriate name right? ;) It's a very festive red polish with red and gold glass flecked particles and fine glitter. Love the color, hate the application. The brush is wide but the bristles and the handle are too short because of the small, wide bottle.Consistency of the polish is also quite thick and that didn't help much. I used two thinner coats but could get away with a thicker one. All in all, kinda problematic polish but totally worth the work because of it's gorgeous color. The best polishes are of course usually a limited edition :(

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  1. Tale je pravi lepotec! Na srečo sem ujela še čisto zadnjega na stojalu :)

  2. Je ja <3 sem ga ene par dni kar intenzivno iskala :)

  3. Tale je čudovit. Jaz še vedno upam, da mi bo v kaki drogeriji uspelo naleteti na njega. Do zdaj je bil v vseh, v katerih sem bila, razprodan. :(

  4. uf,tud js ga mam...u živo še 5x lepši!:D


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