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Here it is, my first OPI polish. I've been feeling stressed and snappy lately so I needed something dark on my nails to cool me down :)
Siberian nights is from their 2007 Russian collection and it's a dark purple vampy creme. And yes, I'm a total sucker for great names :) The purple shows in the daylight or more accurately in the sun, otherwise it looks black-ish. But hey, that's what vampys do :) Really love the color. This is 3 coats because the polish is kinda sheer and streaky, it also took ages to fully dry. I do on the other hand love the wide flat brush and the handle. The thing that stands out is how glossy this polish is (no topcoat ladies :)

Natural light, rainy weather:


Durability is really shitty on my nails unfortunately, it started chipping after 12 hours. Overall this polish is nothing special so I kinda don't get the hype around OPI. They're also quite expensive, around 13€ or 8€+shipping if you buy it online. I bought this second hand, I wouldn't pay that much money for a fairly average nail polish (only because I'm a broke ass student, I have nothing against people who buy more expensive polishes:) I would buy it only if there was an amazing shade that couldn't be duped.

Do you like OPI nail polish or do you think they are overrated?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE OPI polishes but they are really pricey here in good old Europe. I'd have to pay 16€ which is far more than I would ever want to. That's the reason that I buy online at transdesign or head2toe. OPI's are just a couple of dollars there, they ship internationally and even with the most insane shipping costs and additional custom fees they are far cheaper than if I were to buy them locally.

    Siberian Nights is a gorgeous shade. Sshh, don't tell my bank account ;-)

  2. Čudovit je in lepo ti pristoji =).

  3. @Chester: Yeah I feel you. In the end you often pay more for the shipping than for the polish itself :(

    @colorfulbottle: hvala <3


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