Happy 101 award



I got tagged! This is my first tag ever so I will always remember it ( cheesy much? :) The gorgeous lady that tagged me is V from Rehab for your make-up addiction 

The rules are:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.

3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

So, here we go, 10 thing I like:

1. Black 
Black everything, if it comes in black, I'll take it :) It started about 6 years ago, I just feel best if I'm surrounded by black things

2. Gin&Sprite
Love it ;) But as much I am passionate about booze, I'm against drunk driving. And yes, having one beer is drinking....so, drink responsible people!

3. Sewing
A great and useful way to get your creativity out....plus, it's cheaper than therapy ;)

4. Pigs
Really like them, hope to have one as a pet some day

5. Grapefruit
Juicy and tasty

6. Vampires
The ''real'' ones, no Twilight bullshit please. Mr. Dracula, would you marry me? :)

7. Snow
Ah snow <3 Brings out my inner little girl

8. The moon
If I had a say at it, we would have at least two moons, I love them that much

9. Tattoos and piercings
I see our body's as art forms so I like body modification on myself and others

10. Finland
My dream location. The language, culture, architecture, sauna, weather.......dammit, I should be born in Finland :)

OK, so now on to the tagging....bloggers that I tag are:
nail swatches

Thanks for stopping by*

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  1. =)
    I'm with you on the vampires, girl!

  2. Se strinjam s: črno barvo, prašički, vampirji, luno, tatuji in piercingi, Finsko... =)

    Hvala za tag!

  3. Super 10 stvari si zbrala. :D Torej bo kmalu tvoj letni čas in sneg, jaz pa komaj čakam pomlad in poletje. x) Hvala za tag! :*

  4. Hvala za tag. Črna mi je malo znana, sem sama imela obdobje(3 leta) ko sploh nisem nosila niti ene druge barve razen črne, sedaj sem pa cela nora na barve=).
    Tvoji šiviljski izdelki so res zelo, zelo lepi, tako da upam da ne boš izgubila ljubezni do šivanja=)

  5. @Gone2RehabBRB: oh hell yeah ;)

    @nihrida: super, bi lahko kr copy/paste-ala, maš velik dela že opravljenega ;)

    @Ivana: jap, komi čakam :)

    @colorfullbottle: hvala <3

  6. ujoj šele zdaj videla da si me tegala.. :blush:
    najlepša za tag vseeno ;))


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