Frankenpolish ''Zoya Roxy wannabe''



Last week I found a 4 pack of two fuchsia, silver and gold glitter for 1€....cha ching :) when I looked at it I instantly thought: Roxy frankenpolish. Final result doesn't resembles Roxy that much but I still love it. For base I used Essence Late at night. I do think that this shade used to be darker but I don't have any old photos of it so I can't compare. It's a rich medium creme, opaque in two coats and it applies like butter:) Ahhh the history me and Late at night have <3 I started wearing nail polish when I was about 14 or 15 and for three years I only wore black and red polish (a darker one and Late at night). So believe me when I say I went trough a whole lot of of bottles of this baby. I didn't mixed the glitter with nail polish because of my previous experiences that it discolored and sank down into a thick mess. So I just sprinkled glitter on top of wet polish, waited to dry a little bit and topped with topcoat. The downfall is that you can only do one hand at a time otherwise the glitter will stick on the hand that you're sprinkling with :) I did one hand before I went to bed and the other one in the morning.

 Natural light:

As you can see my nails are very short, I broke one last weekend (damn you crazy nights:). I don't think that they look ugly now or anything but I'm really not used seeing them so short on me. Oh well, they'll grow back.

And to make this post even longer, I give you eyes to match the nails:)
Things I used:
- 88 palette
- Fyrinnae Snow white (great pigmentation but a bitch to blend)
- Essence Multi action mascara
- Essence  Eyeliner pen
- Essence Long lasting eye pencil in black
- Manhattan Multi effect eyeshadow in 65Q violet

I usually complete one eye first and then move on to the other. Since it gets dark quite fast here this time of the yeah, I wanted to photograph my make up with decent lightning and then do the other eye. Then the bell rang and I opened the front door looking something like this.... yeah I think I gave our postman a good laugh

The final result :) I kinda borrowed the ''Nihrida style'' picture

Thanks for stopping by*

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  1. gorgeous@ the makeup AND the franken are perfect

  2. Lak mi je OK, ampak oči.... WOW!!! Že nenaličene so čudovite, make up pa je perfekten! <3

  3. super očke in make up <3
    tole z lakcem in glitrom je pa tudi super ideja.

  4. Čudovit franky in še lepši MU <3

    Super tole z glitrom, morem enkrat sprobat, ker se je meni tudi vedno gliter posedel =)

  5. :) Jaz sem že parkrat odprla poštarju z napol naličenim obrazom :D ponavadi se dela, da ni nič videl

  6. @ Scandalous and nihrida: thank you both <3

    @ Anček in colorfulbottle: hvala <3 je malo packarije in bleščice imaš potem po celi sobi, ampak zaenkrat edino to deluje pri meni

    @ Gone2RehabBRB: jah sej naš se je tudi samo nasmehnil in mi zaželel lep dan še naprej ;)


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