It's Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!!! Could you tell that i love Halloween? ;) My favourite part of the year is end October and November therefore Halloween is the party time of the year. I am having a bit of a cold at the moment but that wont stop me, going out it is :) This is the make up that I'm going to wear, please don't ask me what I used because the whole bathroom is a hot mess.....glitter, eye shadows and product everywhere. Not quite sure what this look could be: zombie going drag? 

Close up:

And this are my nails and my first attempt at nail art (which I kinda failed at :) Things I used are Essence Fatal and Joy white nail polish. I borrowed the idea from rins, blog with original nail art ideas. I could do better, but Jack is coming off tomorrow anyways ;)

This is the song that always brings me the feel of Halloween <3

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  1. This is definitely NOT a failure! Your Halloween Jack looks great! :)

  2. It's a bit wonky...but still thanks <3

  3. kako cute halloween manikura:):):)


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