Hi there! :)

Changed my mani twice yesterday; first i put on Essence Fatal, but the little b*tch didn't dried up even after 30 minutes. It was a fresh bottle of polish, could it be something wrong with it? Because i've owned this polish before and there was never any problem with drying time. Everything got smeared so i just took it off and put a frankenpolish on. This is a mix of a lot of reds and pink holo polish. The holo effect is not really visible because of the bad weather :( Application was good, 2 thin coats and it dried instantly (i've noticed that with a lot of frankenpolishes).

This is a very short and sleepy post, I was stuck at work for 9 hours and finnished at 2 in the morning :( I got enough sleep today but now i'm sooo lazy . . . don't think this is gonna be a verry productive Sunday :) Have fun and thaks for stopping by *

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  1. Zelo je lep! Kot sm že omenila na arsu, me res zelo zelo spominja na DS Reflection - OPI. :))


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