p2 Mystic whisper 020 Dark desire midnight garden nail polish



Finally a nail post on my blog :) I have so many pictures ready to be edited but then I always go and edit product photos because it's faster (I don't edit my photos too much, my main problem is deciding which nail polish photos too use because I always take a bunch of them).
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
p2 is a brand that is sadly not available in Slovenia so everytime someone goes to Germany I try to stock up on their products, mostly limited editions. Last limited edition that really caught my attention was p2 Mystic whisper, a dark and gothic collection. My dear friend Gin was luckily in Germany last December and she managed to find a few bits for me. One of them was 2 Mystic whisper 020 Dark desire.
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
I immediately knew I wanted one nail polish because of its beautiful​ bottle design. The shade is a bit underwhelming, it looks prettier in the bottles. In the bottle it looks like a black base, packed with gold to purple to violet shimmer. The base is quite pigmented so the shimmer gets lost and it looks more muted. 
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
The formula was great and application was surprisingly easy despite the long brush handle. All in all not the most spectacular shade but the bottle design makes this a polish I will want to keep in my stash forever.
p2 mystic whisper 020 dark desire
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  1. Pakiranje je amazing <3 Barva pa luštna za takrat, ko ti zapaše nekaj zelo temnega, pa nočeš samo črne :D

    1. Ane? Za gledat <3 Mam takih lakov ziher kr neki ampak ga bom še nosila :)


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