Review: Catrice LE ProvoCATRICE Scented powder C01 Transparent shimmer



Today I will talk about the new Scented powder C01 Transparent shimmer* from the ProvoCATRICE limited edition.
Scented powder comes in a clear plastic square box with a burgundy red top. When you first open the box, the sifter is covered with plastic foil so the product doesn't spill everywhere. My complaint is that after the first opening of the product there's nothing stopping the product from flying out. I wish they included a soft puff/cushion or perhaps a plastic cover which would completely cover the sifter. It's not a problem if you plan on keeping your Scented powder at home, but carrying it around in a makeup bag probably wouldn't end well since the sifter holes are quite big.
Scented powder Transparent shimmer comes in one color, which is a champagne/peach. It gives a nice, subtle glow without any obvious glitter particles. I love how natural it looks on the skin. It would probably look best on a cool or neutral skin tone but it looks good even on my warm skin tone.
The powder is very fine milled and applies nicely. It is marketed as a scented powder and it actually has quite a strong scent, that I can't quite describe. It's sweet but not gourmand. If you're sensitive to scents perhaps putting it on your face won't be the best option.
The staying power is quite decent, it starts to fade after a few hours but at the end of a work day I still see it on my skin. I try not to touch my face but in the Summer when I'll use it for my shoulders and collarbone it will probably get rubbed of sooner. The first swatch is powder packed on skin and the second hand swatch is blended out. For my face I use it as a subtle highlighter (or for strobing if you want to sound fancy :))
Scented powder and the whole Catrice ProvoCATRICE limited edition is currently available in most drugstores. The price is quite high, 5.29€ for only 4 grams but it will last you quite a long time.
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  1. I've never tried anything from Catrice, but this sounds really good :D


    1. It's a great brand, affordable yet good quality :)


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