Friday, March 24, 2017

Born pretty Holo polish 33


First let's get one thing straight - this is not holo. Is it gorgeous? Yes! Is it holo! No! It grinds my gear when they describe duochrome as holo. I love both finishes but they are not the same. Now that we got that over with we can focus on the nail polish.
Born pretty Holo polish 33 is a sheer black base packed with duochrome shimmer and larger glitter, flashing from gold-green to purple. The consistency is normal and I like the short firm bristles on the brush. Since the polish is sheer it's best to use it for layering over black. On the photos I have two coats of Orly Liquid vinyl and one coat of Born pretty Holo polish 33 with top coat. 
The durability was ok, it lasted the typical 4 days on my nails. Removal was a bit hard because of the glitter but I didn't need to use the foil removal technique. I loved wearing this mani, it really looks like you put so much effort in it but it's just one top coat
BPS Holo polish 33 is available here for 7.99$ and you can browse for more nail art here. You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10
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  1. Krasen je! Zakaj je tako težko razumeti, da tole ni holo -.- Sej vem, da je duochrome daljša beseda, but come on!

    1. Jap, pa pogosto vidiš takšne napake. Ampak ok, za tako lepe odtenke jim skoraj oprostim :)

  2. Čudovit je! Ampak res ne razumem, zakaj ga niso preprosto poimenovali duochrome. Najbrž je marketing zadaj :)

    1. Res je <3 Zna biti marketing zadeva, kar pogosto vidim pri različnih znamkah to zamenjavo


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