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Another big haul post. In my defence most of the products were bought last year (that makes it sound slightly better hehe), I really minimized my spending habits since the beginning of this year.

Some luck came my way and I won two giveaways. First was by Metka from Lacquered bits and she sent me Mont Bleu nail files, which I adore. The other part of the prize were Il etait un vernis Teach me tonight and Cirque Halcyon. The second giveaway I won was by Tara from The beauty of nail polish, I received NCLA Redicalist. I've never tried any of these nail polish brands so I'm excited to play with them. Thank you again Metka and Tara!
A girl can never have too many lipsticks I guess. Wet n Wild MegaLast lip color have nice reviews so I've picked up Mocha-licious and Bare it all. So far I like them but they might be too drying for some.The pigmentation is great, they dry to a wearable matte finish and are long lasting. Definitely a steal!  Avon added a new lipstick range, True colour supreme nourishing lipstick. They sent me two shades, Smooth mocha* and Revitalising raspberry*. First thing I noticed is how pretty they look with rose gold details and marble pattern. Smooth mocha* is way to brown for me so I gave it to my mother who loves it and can really pull it off. Revitalising raspberry* is a nice neutral berry pink lipstick that gives your lips some color but isn't overpowering. I'm not the biggest fan of the tinny glitter it has because you can feel it on your lips when you mack them together. When the lipstick fades of the lips the glitters stay and it starts to tool weird. Lič sent me Golden rose Sheer shine stylo lipstick 22 Coral pink*. It's a sheer coral pink shade that will be great for Summer.

Some might remember my obsession with L'Occitane Pamplemousse rhubarbe collection. I was actually sad when I used up my beloved hand cream. Maja very kindly offered to gift me her hand cream. Maja, thank you again, you really made me happy plus I got to meet your adorable dog :) Mateja is one of those bloggers that makes me want to buy stuff :) We are both peach lovers so when she mentioned La rive Moon edp having a peach scent it immediately went on my wish list. That was quite a while ago but I've never actually seen the perfume in person. My sister finally tracked it down for me. Like Mateja said, it has a nice peach burst and then it settles in a clean, unoffensive scent suitable for every occasion.

Nuxe put out holiday inspired gift sets. The good thing about these sets is that they usually get heavily marked down after the holidays :) I managed to get one for the price I would pay for the dry oil alone. The set contains Nuxe Huile prodigieuse multi purpose dry oil, Prodigieux shower oil with golden shimmer and Creme prodigieuse anti-fatigue moisturising cream. I'm not the biggest fan of the scent which many people love but I'm really impressed with the effect of the oil. It makes my skin ridiculously smooth. The shower gel is not an oil, more of a thick shower cream with gold shimmer. I've only tried it once so far (had to) but it didn't leave me impressed.

Polona from UniqaPoly surprised me with a new years gift cause she's a sweetheart like that. She gave me Alverde bath oil which I haven't tried out yet but need to because my skin has been crazy dry lately. Terra naturi shimmer powder 01 Golden highlight has been on my wishlist for ages and I love it so there will be a full review in the future. My more secret lemming was Trend it up powder blush 050, for which I blame Petra (she's also one of the bloggers that I trust completely and makes me want to buy stuff). It's a great everyday blush and has amazing staying power. Thank you again Polona, you really nailed it!

Look Fantastic had a sale and I decided to treat myself with The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter. I've read so many positive reviews about it and after swatching it in the store I took the plunge and bought it. It's amazing, between Lou Manizer and Terra naturi highlighter I think I am set for life.
Bell hypoallergenic has a blogger even and we got to pick three products to test out. That's a very generous and smart offer, so we each got to pick products more likely to suit our needs and preferences. I picked up Bell hypoallergenic  bronze powder 02* because it's matte and looks light enough to work with my pale skin. CC cream 01 porcelain* has been praised by bloggers with dry skin so I decided to try it out as well. It does emphasize any dry spots I might have but not as much as some other foundations.It has light coverage which I like and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Bell hypoallergenic came out with a new collection of matte liquid lipsticks and of course I had to pick one. I went with a safe and familiar choice, a nice mauve/muted rose Mat lip liquid lipstick 02*

p2 is one of those brands I really wish was available here. I fell in love with their Mystic whisper limited edition so Gin from Baroque fool hooked me up <3 She brought me 010 Delicate rose victorian avant-garde blush, 030 Blood red lost innocence lipstick, 020 Dark desire midnight garden nail polish, 040 Sweet seduction midnight garden nail polish and 010 Black obsession gothic eyeliner. I love the theme, colors, packaging design, names, everything <3 The blush had a gorgeous overspray but unfortunately it got removed by a single swipe. Luckily I managed to get a shot for Instagram (you can see it here). Blush looks very brown in the pan but on the skin it's more of a dirty peach shade.

I owned Milani 522 Silver dazzle before (click here for a horrible old school swatch) but it dried out. I found it for dirt cheap so I bought another bottle. Essence Winter glow 01 Miss frost was a part of a limited edition, click on the name of the polish for swatches. Lastly I did a small BPS purchase, I got Born pretty store soak-off gel polish top coat and BPS white stamping nail polish, which works great and I already have a mani ready a post.

Left to right:
- Wet n Wild MegaLast lip color Mocha-licious
- Wet n Wild MegaLast lip color Bare it all
- Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Smooth mocha
- Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Revitalising raspberry
- Golden rose Sheer shine stylo lipstick 22 Coral pink
- Bell Hypoallergenic Mat lip liquid 02
- p2 Mystic whisper 030 Blood red  lost innocence lipstick
If you wish a full post on any of these products just let me know.
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  1. Pri nas je tale La Rive v Intersparu, ampak zaloga niha. Zdaj sem videla, da je en nov In Flames, ki menda diši kot Olympea :) Moj je še vedno dober po dveh letih, tako da kar kvalitetni za to ceno :)

    Fouš sem ti za Nuxe set. Moram enkrat kupit olje, ker vedno kupujem na zalogo, samo mi ni uspelo nobenega seta več najti v Leposani.

    Same dobre pridobitve. Sploh laki iz p2 kolekcije izgledajo zelo kul :)

    1. Jaz sem se naiskala, ga nisem našla ne v Dm-u, ne v L'Eclercu, ne v Šparu.. potem ga je sestra po naključju v Tušev drogeriji, če se ne motim :) Oh hvala za omembo In flames, ga rabim že samo zaradi imena :D Če pa diši podobno kot Olympea pa sploh. Kje si ga pa videla?
      Nuxe set je bil super znižan na, tudi sicer ga imajo dostikrat ceneje kot v lekarnah, samo je pa poštnina.
      Jap, tele lake sem primarno hotela samo zaradi embalaže, ready to stab a man :)

    2. Nisem ga še videla v živo (ne pridem sploh do trgovin), ampak vem da je že v nemških Müllerjih. Našla sem ga na instagramu od @roseofherlife

      I feel you glede embalaže :D

  2. Nuxe set sem dobila "reklamo" na mail in tako dolgo gledala, da so ga razprodali. So stupid of me. Mi olja zmankjuje in bom nujno morala nekaj nabavit. Cena je bila pa res fantastična :).
    P2 bi tudi jaz imela pri nas. Kolekcija izgleda čudovito. Seveda me je takoj pritegnil blush :).
    Več kot podpiram odločitev za Mary Lou :D. Skupaj z Terra Naturi si res set for life. Terra Naturi je čudovit. Škoda, da ga lahko uporabljam samo poleti, ker mi je drugače pretemen.
    Trend It Up blush je pa res tak odtenek, da je večini všeč. Mene je tudi navdušila obstojnost.
    Hvala za omembo ;) <3

    1. Jaz sem imela olje ze dolgo na wishlisti in sem samo sibala narocit :)
      Oba blusha sta me spomnila nate, tale p2 bi ti super pasal.
      Tvoje objave me vedno znova navdusijo, tako da te z veseljem berem <3

    2. Jaz sem imela olje ze dolgo na wishlisti in sem samo sibala narocit :)
      Oba blusha sta me spomnila nate, tale p2 bi ti super pasal.
      Tvoje objave me vedno znova navdusijo, tako da te z veseljem berem <3


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