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My name is Ina and I'm a nailoholic. I love painting my nails and I find it to be a great source of relaxation. In fact I get nervous if a shade is on my nails for too long. But i do understand that a.) not everyone like painting their nails and b.) has (or better yet makes) time to do it. I sometimes find myself in the latter. Sometimes my work demands of me to spend a lot more than 8 hours a day wearing latex gloves which makes my hands sweat and the polish just peels of my nails in large chunks. Lab work can be hard when things don't go like you expected and you have deadlines to catch. Soon you can find yourself going to work with no makeup, hair full of dry shampoo and wearing leggings but you've been working for 10+ days straight and it's Sunday so you tell yourself that it's ok and that you nobody will be in the lab to see you. As superficial as it sounds, in those moment a glimpse of your polished nails can make you feel like a human again. But what good is that if you know that by the end of the day you mani will be ruined and you won't have the energy to redo it every day?
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch

Science to the rescue! The market is now filled with gel polish which are easy and simple to use. I've already showed you Madam Glam Simple tan, but that shade of nude wasn't really me. Totally different story with It's raining men, I had no problem wearing it on it's own.
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch 1
Madam Glam It's raining men is a gorgeous dark red, a shade that I always feel like wearing. It still light enough to not get mistaken with black but dark enough to please my soul :) It's marketed as a "one step gel" meaning you don't need special base or top coat, you just apply 2-3 coats of gel polish, cure each layer and you're good to go. In photos I'm wearing three thin coats, each was cured under the LED light for 45 seconds.
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch 2
The brush is nice (as it was with Simple tan shade) and it gives you enough control for a clean application. Clean up isn't really possible so easy application really is an important feature. You're left with shiny nail polish that should last on your nails longer than conventional nail polish.
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch 3
I decided to really put it to the test and I wore Madam Glam It's raining men for over two weeks. The first few days were horrible because I usually can't stand wearing the same nail polish for longer than 4 days max but for the purpose of writing an honest review I had to try my hardest :) I'm really impressed with the wear, I started getting some minor tip wear but after two weeks my nails still looked presentable. I really tried to make it work for three week but the polish started to chip.

After week 1
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch 4
After week 2 - look at that nail growth! #horror
Madam Glam It's raining men gel one step polish review swatch 5
The removal is the only less pleasant thing about this polish. I used the foil method and after 10 minutes of soaking the gel polish, only the top layers started to melt so I had to redo the foil removal. You really have to patient with removing the gel otherwise it can damage your nails. I'm still very impressed with Madam Glam It's raining men polish and if you're someone who likes gel polish I would recommend you check out Madam Glam.

Madam Glam It's raining men is available here for 19.95$, using the code Hysteriaofdecay30 gets you 30% discount.

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