Pamper time essentials (How to pick yourself back up)



Some of you might know that my cat passed away in September and I'm having a really hard time dealing with it. I know every cat owner will tell that their cat is the best but he really was the most amazing and ass-holy cat that ever existed. I miss him so fucking much words can't explain it. One of the advice on grieving was also to be kind to yourself, both mentally and physically and give yourself time.  I've been slacking on taking care of myself so I reintroduced my weekly pamper routine.
pamper time routine essentials
My go to day for a pamper time in Friday or Saturday evening so fist I remove makeup if I had any that day and then I proceed with a face peeling. Currently I'm using up Balea Sanftes peeling gel but I wouldn't recommend it or repurchase it because it contains plastic micro beads. If you have a good alternative please leave it in the comments. Since my skin is dehydrated and dry I sometimes skip this step. I follow up with a face mask, currently I like Cien Aqua moisturising mask with aloe vera and jojoba oil  made for dry skin as it's very moisturizing. I let the mask sit on my face for 10 to 5 minutes and usually hop in the shower in the meantime. After shower I wipe any residues off my face and follow with a few spritzes of LaBri vilinska lepota micelar flower tonic*. I finish with a few drop of Müller Jojoba oil which locks in the moisture and nourishes my skin.
Balea peeling face mask labri pamper time routine essentials
I used to be a fan of salt peeling but not anymore. It can get messy and it stings when the salt gets in any cuts you might have. What I do now is use any shower gel, currently I'm using Balea luxury Red love coconut and peach shower gel which smell amazing and doesn't have the classic Balea runny texture but is thick and creamy. It's also filled with tiny shimmer and is bright red so hello gorgeous :) Then I put on Peeling gloves you can get in any drug store and go to town. Depending on the pressure you can get light or heavy exfoliation. After shower I need to put some lotion on my skin or I get cracks on my skin as my skin gets so dry. Currently I'm testing Alpstories "Treat yo self" bodymilk* which I made in collaboration with Alpstories. It has extracts of aloe vera, poison ivy, grapefruit, ginkgo and natural scent of pomegranate (I didn't hold myself back). I like it because it's very nourishing yet sinks in your skin very fast and doesn't leave any filter on the skin.
Balea peeling gloves alpstories pamper time routine essentials
I walk a lot so my feet get very dry as well. Before I put on my fluffy socks I slather on Balea Schrunden salbe with urea and allantoin 25% urea foot cream. I was expecting it to have a lighter consistency but it's actually a very heavy duty cream. My nails and cuticles don't like that much exposure to water so I spoil them with some Muller jojoba öl and put a generous amount of Essence 24h hand protection balm Cookies&almond on my hands.
Balea jojoba oil essence hand cream pamper time routine essentials
I finish my pamper ritual with a cozy night in. I put on my pajamas, currently I'm obsessed with onesies and Lidl often has cute ones at very affordable prices. I brew myself a cup of tea, after a year I'm still loving Lord Nelson Rooibos Lemon and pepper which tastes the best when you drink it out of your favorite mug. To really set the atmosphere I burn a Yankee candles wax melt, usually something fresh like Clean cotton or Soft blanket. I try to just relax or read a book but sometimes I admit to just mindlessly creep on social media :)
onesie yankee candles clean cotton pamper time routine essentials
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  1. Jooj, sorry za muca! :( Mi je pa všeč tvoj pick me up ritual!

  2. i hope i helped with my little beauty gifts as well ;) get well

  3. ooo, a še vedno je aktualna tale moja skodelica :) Ful lepo videt :) Upam, da ti dobro služi. Ta čaj je pa res dober.

    1. Še vedno :) Jo perem v pomivalcu, tako da je žal na določenih mestih malo spraskana, ampak se ne dava :)

  4. Oooo, moje sožalje :(

    Jaz si sicer po tem najlažje pomagam, da si najdem novo živalco, da me zamoti in potem se ukvarjam z njo, vsekakor pa niti 1 žival ni enaka drugi :/

    Super izdelki!

    1. Hvala <3 Ja, na srečo imamo od poletja dalje vedno bolj posvojeni še dve mački, tako da je vsaj malo lažje.

  5. Ahhhh.....prav hudo mi je to brat, sožalje gor al dol....vem kako je grozno in ti pošiljam en velik objemček. Jaz nažalost po letu in pol še nisem prišla k sebi.

  6. Sožalje za mucka. :( <3
    Tudi jaz sem to poletje izgubila enega od mojih muckov in še zdaj me boli, ko se spomnim. :( In kot da to ni dovolj, je poginila tudi fantova starejša mačka, ki sem mu jo nekoč jaz dala, da ne govorim, da je kmalu izginil še 1,5 leta star mladič od nje, tako da te popolnoma razumem. <3 :((


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