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I've been writing this post for about  a week now :) I'd like to apologize in advance for the photos, they're a mash up of camera and phone so they really don't go together. I haven't had the time (or will hehe) to re-shoot it and some of the waxes are already opened so please bare with me. 

Alpstories "Treat yo self" bodymilk*, Rose moisturizing face cream* and Alpstores Cleansing gel Sage & mint*
This was the second time the company had to send me the products. So whoever stole the first package, I hope you're feeling really proud of yourself. Also I hope that the products broke you out. #petty
Alpstories allows you to get creative and design your own packaging as well as the content of the product. I went wild and created my very own bodymilk. "Treat yo self" bodymilk* is packed with extracts of aloe vera, poison ivy, grapefruit, ginkho and natural scent of pomegranate. So far I really enjoy it. It has a thinner consistency so it sinks into the skin fast but nourishes it at the same thime. I also love the sweet yet citrusy scent. Alptories Rose moisturizing face cream* was my second product of choice. I only tested it a few times. It doesn't smell to much of roses which I like but it was a bit heavy for Summer/early Fall. I'll test it better in the colder times. Also a big plus for being vegan, some face creams unfortunately still use animal ingredients. They also put a surprise product in the box, Alpstores Cleansing gel Sage & mint*. It's meant to clean and purify your skin so it's a bit too much for my dehydrated skin and it leaves it screaming for moisture. But on my back and shoulders where my skin can get a bit problematic, it works well.
Essence TE Exit to explore Like a jungle dream eau de toilette
I can't say no to Essence TE perfumes, they're so cute and great to just throw in the bag. Like a jungle dream doesn't smell all that special but if you like sweet fruity scents and peaches, this would be your cup of tea.

Balea Schrunden salbe with urea and allantoin 25% urea
I walk a lot so my feet are not the happiest feet out there :) Currently I'm on the last drops of Hansaplast Anti hornhaut foot cream so I was on the market for a new one. I haven't tested this one out but the high percentage of urea looks promising.

Balea reinigungs mousse
Bloggers made me do it :) I've seen a lot of people rave about it so I picked it up. I've only tried it a few times so far (because I really have too much face products) but somehow it didn't leave me impressed. My skin was quite dry after using it and that's a thing I really hate. I will give a few more tries and I'll let you know if my opinion changes.

Balea duschschaum Fresh and fruity lime and pink grapefruit
I am obsessed with this <3 At first it felt weird, like I'm showering with a shaving cream but the scent, oh the scent. If you love grapefruits you're going to love this. The foam is also not too drying so I'm really temped to buy the other scent as well (coconut and flowers).
Avon Shine burst gloss sticks Berry burst* and Calypso*
Like always Avon spoils us rotten. They sent me two Avon Shine burst gloss sticks in Berry burst* and Calypso*. Usually I'm more of a matte girl but Calypso was my go to shade during the Summer. As you can see from the swatch they're not very pigmented but still give your lips a hint of color. Berry burst is more pigmented and even leaves a stain on your lips. The durability is not the best but with a package this pretty replying is not a problem.
Essence Matt matt matt lipsticks (01 Natural kiss, 02 Perfect match,  03 Wow effect)
Speaking of blogger favorites... :) I also succumbed to all the noise around the new Essence Matt matt matt lipsticks. First I bought the shade 03 Wow effect, a dusty rose nude. Unfortunately the lipstick broke at the base after just a few uses, guess I got a bad batch. I can still use it but it's a bit wobbly. I liked the formula so I went back for more. I picked up 01 Natural kiss which I'm not sure if it look goods on me and  02 Perfect match, which is an absolute winner. It's the perfect my-lips-but-better shade. These lipsticks are not matte matte, so if you're looking for that you might want to skip them. They're still matte enough for me and I like the comfortable formula they have.
Yankee candle wax melt (Summer peach, Pink grapefruit, Autumn night and Midsummers night)
For some reason I only burn scented candles/waxes in the colder part of the year. I like Yankee candle wax melts because they have a wide variety, don't give me headache and are cheap. I like to switch up scents so buying big candles would make me go bankrupt. Since I am a huge peach lover I was really excited when I saw Summer peach. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to my expectation. It smells nice, like orange and peach jelly candy but I wanted ripe, fresh peaches. On the other hand I didn't expect much from Autumn night but I'm completely in love. It smells like forest and hot men, like a hot lumberjack would smell :)  Pink grapefruit and  Midsummers night are still waiting for their turn but I hope they'll smell good.
Clay mask T. A. NARAVA
I keep wanting to test this clay mask out but I'm scared of the mess it will make. Please tell me it's not that bad because I'm really curious of it's effect on my skin.

Tedi container  
My nail art drawer is such a mess. So I picked up a "testing" container to see, if I could organize my stash somehow. I bought it a month ago and it's still empty. I hope I'll get around to try and organize all the loose glitters and studs.
Avon Life by Kenzo Takada body lotion*, eau de parfum* and perfumed body spray* 
Talking abou Avon again :) Last month they hosted their first blogger event for the launch of their new fragnance deasigned by Kenzo Takada. At the end of a very interesting event they treated us with a goodie bad which contained Avon Life by Kenzo Takada eau de parfum*, body lotion* and perfumed body spray*. The whole line has a strong floral note, predominately violets. Even though it's floral, the heavy scent and creaminess of the scent make me think of Winter. I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page where you can win the eau de parfum. So far I've tested the body lotion and I like it. It's not too heavily scented and it has a quite light consistency which I like.
Catrice Silk matt top coat
I've been looking for a matte top coat and I've got a few recommendations for Catrice Silk matt top coat. The name says silk so I was expecting more of a semi matte effect but it mattifies quite well. 
Aveo Melon nail polish remover
My love and joy, Aveo Mandel nail polish remover, has sadly been discontinued :( I didn't find about it until it was too late so I couldn't even stock up on it. The only other scent with acetone is now the watermelon one. I'm not crazy excited about the scent but for now I'm not hating it. I only used it once to remove Picture polish Kryptonite (dark hunter green with holo glitters, coming soon on my blog) and it took the polish off with no problems. I'll still miss the almond one  </3
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  1. Super izbira Essence odtenkov in Yankee candle vonjev ;)
    Autumn night diši božansko. Ta Balein mousse je pa katastrofa za mojo suho kožo, vključno z ''oljnim'' čistilcem v isti, zlati tubi. Izsuši huje kot navadna žajfa :D

    1. Za Essence si bila predvsem ti kriva :)Evo točno tak občutek mam, ko spiram Balein mousse, spomini na old school trdo milo :D

  2. Meni je tale gel za obraz od AlpStories vrhunski, res idealen za mastnokožke :P Sem si dodala na seznam želja Pink Grapefruit :P

    1. Verjamem, da je dober masten tip kože, pa diši :)
      Peno za tuširanje, vosek ali oboje? :)


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