a-england Proserpine



a-england products were on my wish list for a very long time. I love their brand design and you can tell that each collection is made with a clear story in creators head, not just some random trendy colors thrown together. So when I saw a huge blogsale I quickly snatched two a-england polishes. One of them is a-england Proserpine, a gorgeous shimmery teal color with subtle holo effect. The  official website describes it more poetically as "Expressive blue teal holographic shade that suggests the turning of turbulent tides while mirroring the rays of light above". I obviously can't speak for all of the products but this polish is to die for, not just the color but the formula as well.  I love that it has a classic straight cut brush that spreads formula evenly and give you great control during application. The formula is just the right consistency and the polish is practically one coater. Out of habit I put two coats on but on short nails one coat would do. I can't wait to try my other polish (a-england Briarwood) and I'm sure this won't be my last a-england purchase.

a-england Proserpine 2 coats + top coat

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  1. I absolutely adore A England! I wish they were still able to sell direct to the States. :( Proserpine is so pretty. <3

    1. Oh no, that's a shame :( This is my fist shade but i'm kinda in love :)

  2. Čudovit lakec! Odličen za prihajajoče hladne jesenske dni :D


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