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Yes love Neon glitter polishes used to be all the rage and naturally I bought a bunch of them :) I must admit I'm not really a fan of pastel shades but these just caught my attention. Yes love G11-2 has a peachy sheer base with colorful glitters and hexagons. The reason why I never wore it is because believe it or not, I didn't have a peachy base for it. Recently Avon surprised me with Avon nailwear pro + in Sheer citrus, which made me think of Yes love polish again. I decided to combine them both for a cheery spring mani. Both polishes are quite sheer so I had to put two coats of each. Surprisingly no bubbling *big thumbs up*

Avon nailwear pro + Sheer citrus 2 coats + Yes love G11-2 + top coat

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  1. Čudovita kombinacija <3 Tega s pikicami imam. Avonovega pa občudujem tudi na drugih blogih in je res lep odtenek :).

    1. Hvala <3 Jaz imam teh neon glitterjev ene pet #hopeless Za moj okus je malo premalo prekriven ampak enim je pa ravno to všeč :) Barva je pa res kjut :)

  2. Adorable combination! ^_^


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