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March is here! I'm very excited about it, it's my birth month and after this years Winter (which wasn't much of a winter) I'm totally ready for spring. Let's see what I was loving for the past month

Afrodita Raspberry cream cream shower gel
My go to shower gel for the past month, you can see that the bottle is almost empty. There has been a lot of love in the blogosphere for this shower line and I can see why. It smells like a dream, has thick and milky consistency and it doesn't dry the skin out.

Diamonds collection Sweet love hydrating body lotion
This was my fave moisturizer past Summer and using it now it brought me back all the summer feelings. It sinks in fast and leaves my skin soft. I initially bought it for its smell since I love anything peach but it smells completely different, more like floral with a hint of fruity.

Balea MED 5% urea shampoo 
I bought this shampoo ages ago, used half of it and then I kinda forgot about this. This month I decided to use it up and I instantly remembered why I used to use it all the time. It cleans my hair nicely without drying them out. In the cold months my hair gets full of static and this shampoo seems to help a bit with that as well.

Ombia hair Arganöl creme fluid
I got this fluid in Hofer and I've been liking it a lot. It has silicons in it but just the right amount. It doesn't weigh down my hair or clump them together. They look shiny and less static which is what I was looking for. 
Avon care Cocoa butter hand, nail and cuticle cream
Avon surprised me with a few products from this line and I've really been digging this hand cream. It's light, sinks in fast and has been my go to daily moisturizer. It has a warm, cocoa scent which I love.

Jojoba oil
My nails have been super long this month (I'm so behind my nail swatches) so jojoba oil is a must, my nails are hard but dry so without jojoba oil they would probably break already (oh the irony, I'm finishing this post this with fresh shorties :).

My planner
I fell in love with this notebook that I found in Kik for like an euro. Since I don't use/need small notebooks I decided to turn it into a DIY planner. This baby has been with me since January 2015 and in a few months I will have to say goodbye to it. It held up super well, sometimes price really doesn't tell anything about the quality of a product. I just love the snake texture and the simplicity of the planner (I'm not a fan of most popular, almost cartoonish looking planners).

What did you love this month?
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  1. Afroditaaaaa:):):). Ombio za lase sem pa tudi sama imela, ampak že kako leto nazaj, no vsaj po embalaži sodeč semi zdi isti izdelek,pa se nekako nisva najbolj ujela.Moji mesečni favoriti so sicer bili čisto drugi:).Prilagam link, mogoče ti bi bil kateri všeč:) http://candylovestreet.blogspot.si/2016/02/february-favourites.html

    1. Afrodita vam je vsem všeč :) Ombia je isto kolekcijo že imela ja, verjetno so samo reciklirali izdelke :P

  2. Avonova krema za roke je tudi meni top :)

    1. Odlična je, pa še precej "vanilla" in bi res zadovoljila širok krog ljudi :)


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