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Today we're going to do something I love and that's talking trash :) I love reading empties post on other blogs so why not make them myself as well. First I must admit that besides nail polish I hoard other personal hygiene/makeup products as well. Lately I've been very good with my "no-buy" and I started finishing more products. Then came Beautiful bloggers Meetup and complicated things with all the gifts but oh well, I won't be complaining too hard :)

Aveo Into the wild shower gel eldelberry and mango
This was my first Aveo shower gel, which I got from my sister. For some reason Müller house brands never intrigued me as much as DM's do. This shower gel smelled amazing but apart from that, it's probably the most basic I-can't-write-anything-about-it shower gel. It's not bad, it's just unmemorable.
Repurchase: no

Balea After sun shower gel
This is a Summer limited edition shower gel for the past two years and I hope they'll release it every year. In terms of quality it's your regular Balea shower gel, not drying but then again not very moisturizing like the Dove ones are. The thing that got everyone going is the smell <3 It smells like Summer in a bottle, like yummy cocktails mixed with coconut, sunscreen oil and salt (which might sound a bit eww but trust me, it's not).
Repurchase: absolutely (next Summer) 

Balea Peach creme-öl shower gel
This disappointed me a bit. I bought it for the scent because I am obsessed with peaches but here, the floral note totally overpowers the peach one. The shower gel is a bit more thicker and moisturizing as other Balea shower gels.
Repurchase: no

Terra naturi Cranberry and hibiskus shampoo
Terra naturi recently put a hair line on the market. This shampoo worked great on my thin hair, it cleaned them nicely and didn't weigh them down. It's also silicone free.
Repurchase: yes (in the future)

Balea zarter reinigungs shaum (cleansing foam with lotos flower extract) 
This cleansing foam already starred in my monthly favourites. It's a gentle cleansing foam, that cleans your skin without drying it out. One pump gives you enough foam to clean your whole face. I must admit that I kinda forgot about it after I started using Balea cleansing oil. 
Repurchase: maybe

Aveo Almond nail polish remover
This is my holy grail of nail polish removers. It's cheap, it works extremely well and doesn't dry out my nails and cuticles. It contains acetone but please don't be turned off by that. Acetone is very effective and it minimizes the amount of time your nails are in contact with the remover. Besides, acetone- free removers still contain chemicals that dissolve nail polish.
Repurchase: yes (forever and ever <3)

Bettina Barty Vanilla roll on deodorant
I had this deodorant for ages. I liked using it cause it does a good job in preventing body odor but the problem was its scent. This deodorant has a very strong vanilla scent, almost too strong. It clashed with my perfume so I mostly used it at home.
Repurchase: no

Avon Luxe volume extravagance mascara
This was my first Avon mascara I tried and I loved it. It gave me length and volume without clumping the lashes together. Since I loved it so much I even used it past the 3 months date which I normally don't do and it didn't cause me any problems. 
Repurchase: maybe (after I use all of the mascaras I have at home)

Alverde Wild rose face oil
Another ex monthly favourites. This face oil is another cheap gem. I used it in my night care routine and it made my dry skin look plump and hydrated. Beside its effect I loved the packaging as well, glass bottle with a pipette dispenser which was very practical. Since I bought a whole bottle of jojoba oil for my nails and cuticles I started using that on my face as well. his is the only reason why I won't be repurchasing this now but I most definitely will again.
Repurchase: yes (in the future) 

Afrodita 100% spa sugar scrub with brown sugar and shea butter
This peeling is very popular but it just didn't work for me. I liked that it's rough and really smooth your skin and the scent is amazing. What I didn't like is the oily residue it left on my skin. It just didn't want to sink in my skin and in the morning my skin was still oily. It's also quite pricey since I used a lot of it in a single shower.
Repurchase: no

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  1. Meni ta Afrodotin piling tudi nikakor ne potegne. Res škoda, da pusti ta oljni film, ker mi drugače božansko diši :)

    1. Ja, res škoda :( Maslo za telo iz iste linije si že sprobala? Isti vonj pa odlično nahrani kožo brez mastnega filma

  2. Šamponov od Terra Naturi nisem še nikoli preizkusila. Mogoče pa je čas, da končno sprobam :)

    1. Meni je bil zelo fajn, tako da priporočam :)

  3. obožujem takšne objave :) samo zanima me kdaj je bil v dmu tale oljni gel z breskvo ? Js ga nikoli nisem videla :(

    1. Uff kar precej časa nazaj, jaz sem res "hrček" kar se tiče negovalne kozmetike in sem res dolgo skladiščila izdelke :)


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