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I am so far on some of my posts it's cringe worthy. The bright side of this situation is that these products are very well tested :) Last year in September I received three Aussie hair care products of my choice for review. I picked Aussie Miracle moist shampoo, conditioner and Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor. In Slovenia Aussie products are available in Muller and Dm for around 7€ per product.

aussie hair care

Aussie Miracle moist shampoo: I just used this one up :) This shampoo is very popular and I kinda see why. It foams very nicely and cleans hair without drying it out. It has a strong bubblegum scent, that lingers in your hair. That was actually a thing I didn't like since I'm not a big fan of the scent. I wash my hair twice a week and a 300 milliliter bottle lasted me almost four months. Sometimes I used only the shampoo with no other product afterward and my slightly dry ends still looked ok. Surprisingly it didn't make my hair greasy. All in all a decent shampoo.

Aussie Miracle moist shampoo

Aussie Miracle moist shampoo ingredients

Aussie Miracle moist conditioner: I also received a conditioner from the same line. It has the same scent as shampoo but you only get 250 milliliters of product. Unfortunately this product didn't wow me. My hair is very fine and has a love hate relationship with silicones (which this balm contains quite a lot). With just the right amount of silicones my hair looks amazing but put just a little to much and I look like a wet dog. The ends of my hair clump together and look greasy minutes after blow drying them. This is exactly what happened with Miracle moist conditioner. For someone with dry hair this conditioner could work great, so I gave it to my mom and she loves it. If you have fine hair or don't like silicons, this will not be a product for you.

Aussie Miracle moist conditioner

Aussie Miracle moist conditioner ingredients

Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor: I believe this is one of their most known products. This reconstructor comes in a squeezy tube which means it's very unpractical for travelling. It has the same bubblegum scent and it contains  250 milliliters of products. For some reason it worked better for my hair type as Miracle moist conditioner. It contains silicones but I get the amount is just right, My mom also used this reconstructor and she loved it as well. I might buy it once I run out of it.

Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor

Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor ingredients

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  1. Meni pa Aussie izdelki ne ustrezajo :/ Že na splošno imam mastne lase, tako da sta mi šampon in balzam lase samo še bolj zmastila :/ Drugače je pa vonj super, edini plus :D

    1. Škoda :( Mene je isto skrbelo,ampak mi začuda ni zmastilo lasišča. Zanimivo,meni pa ravno vonj ni všeč :D

  2. I've heard good things about these before! :-)

    1. I think it really depends on a persons hair type, if you have dry or damaged hair you'd probably like ut :)

  3. Meni je 3 minute miracle reconstructor kar všeč, ostalih izdelkov pa (še) nisem preizkusila :)

    1. 3 minute miracle je kar dober ja :D Če imaš suho, poškodovane lase, ti bodo zagotovo všeč ostali izdelki :)


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