Golden rose Rich color 45



First post of this year, let's do this :)

Golden rose is fairly new on our market but I've been a fan way before they came to Slovenia. Currently I'm loving their Velvet matte lipstick line but it's nail polish that initially made me like them. Let me refresh your mind with a wonderful vampy texture Golden rose Holiday 58  or vacation-by-the-sea craving Golden rose Jolly jewels 107.

One of their products that I've picked here is Golden rose Rich color 45. Although it's very affordable (think Essence range) this polish has a great cut brush, better then some pricier polishes I own. What sold me is the shade. Medium red, packed with tiny red, orange and fuchsia glitters. Unfortunately it's very hard to capture it so if you're ever in a Golden rose store, give this shade a look. The formula is a very average one, I needed two coats for a full opacity. I'm happy we finally have Golden rose products available in Slovenia and I'm excited to try new things.

Golden rose Rich color 45 2 coats + top coat

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  1. Replies
    1. Ane? Super odtenek je, samo nefotogeničen

  2. Čudovit odtenek je in bleščice so lušne. :)

  3. Wow this is so nice, I really like it :-D

  4. Jaz sem čisto nora na njihove lakce. Enega sem dobila za rojstni dan, takega matt in od takrat naprej bi samo še njihove in Essijeve imela :D Super manikura, chic! :)

    1. Res so dobri <3 Ful enih barv, finišev, linij... <3 Upam, da bojo še malo razširili poslovalnice po Sloveniji


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