November favourites


We sound like broken records but seriously, where did November go? Days just seem to slip by more and more. I had a very busy month (as you can see by my lack of posting) and December is gonna be even worse :D I still managed to find some picks worth mentioning.

Labello fruity shine Peach lip balm has been my daily lip balm. It's not particularly moisturising but it smells heavenly. If you're a peach lover, give it a sniff <3 
I already mentioned L'Occitane shea butter Zesty lime hand cream and Alessandro Veggie cream Cucumber & melon in my 7 top hand and nail products for fall post and they have been true hand savers this month. Not only do they work like they supposed to, they smell amazing as well.

CD lotus deodorant has been my go to deodorant this month. I got it in a Beautiful Blogger Meetup goodie bag and so far I love it. It keeps me smelling ok through the whole day and since it has a very subtle scent it doesn't interfere with my parfume.
Lidl clear nourishing facial toner is a new product in my daily face routine. It contains no alcohol so it doesn't dry my skin out even more. If you're on the hunt for an affordable toner, check Lidl out.
Brush egg is a little gem as well <3 I got it dirt cheap off eBay and it helps with washing brushes so well. My brushes have never been as clean as with this little egg. Seriously get it!

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  1. Hihihi midvi pa vsak mesec izbereva en isti izdelek, tokrat jeto L´OCCITANE krema za roke:):):), meni je res fajn:). Tale CD lotus deodorant sempatudi jaz poskusla in mi lepo diši, pa tudi obstojen vonj ima tekom dneva, čeprav ne vem me moti malo tisti izrazit alkohol, ki ga vonjam, pamoram preverit al je to tisti smotan alkohol, al je tisti, kako se reče naravno pridobljen. Ker mi je drgač pa fini deodoratn, velik lepši vonj od Melvite ima.

    1. Hehe spet usklajeni :) Krema je zakon <3 Pri deodorantu pa verjetno res vohaš alkohol ampak nekaj mora met za konzervans :(


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