Battle of advent calendars 2015: Alessandro vs. Essence



Who buys two Advent calendars? A person who dislikes anything catholic related :D But it's cosmetics so let's go with that ;)

This is my first year having calendars and I decided to get one from Essence and one from Alessandro. Since they're both nail polish related I decided to have a daily battle of who did it best. I will update this post daily and also post on my Facebook page. Alessandro retailed for around 50€ and Essence for around 30€ so it's not really an even field but we'll see who the end winner will be.

Day 1: Essence ombre top coat Candy cane lemonade vs. Alessandro Dark rubin
I think we all know who the winner here is, you just can't beat a rich, vampy shade <3 Well done Alessandro!

Day 2: Essence Rudolph's favorite vs. Alessandro nail polish file
Today the clear winner is Essence (phew, this is gonna be easier than I thought :) I'm a big fan of glass files so Alessandro just doesn't do it for me. Rudolph's favorite is a gorgeous red creme and I'll wear it soon <3

Day 3: Essence My dear reindeer vs. Alessandro Hand!Spa micro peel
Today was a tough choice. I love a nice grey polish but on the other hand I never tried acid peel. I'm more excited about the peel so I guess Alessandro wins today :)

Day 4: Essence Meet me at the chimney vs. Alessandro Age complex hand cream
Today is a hard day as well :) I'm not a fan of hand cream testers because I don't think you can judge hand cream after a single use. But then again, this color of Essence's nail polish just doesn't do it for me, it looks moldy :D Alessandro, let's go with you today :)

Day 5: Essence Message from the north pole vs. Alessandro Nude elegance
Can todays winner be both? :) I think both polishes would go great together for a classy, nude mani <3

grin emoticon
Day 6: Alessandro nail spa Nail strengthening cream ....and that's it :D I got a faulty Essence calendar that has a missing window. Clear winner is Alessandro :)

Day 7: Essence North pole princess vs. Alessandro Bubble gum
Ugh look at that hot hot pink goodness <3 I might be a dark soul but bright pink is my crack :D From what I've read about this shade the formula is supposed to be amazing as well. The topper looks interesting, it's just clear glitters, kinda like fish scales. I'll either love it or I'll hate it. Alessandro is the winner today.

Day 8: Essence Made with love and Alessandro cuticle remover
A sheer milky nude with the name Made with love makes my mind wonder places :D So I'm more excited to try out the Alessandro cuticle remover. What I noticed is that it seems to contain glitter in it. Is this normal? Please let me know :)

Day 9: Essence Have a very pink X-mas vs. Alessandro Secret red
Ooops I missed a day :) Both colors are gorgeous but I'll have to go with Essence <3

Day 10: Essence Do you hear the jingle bells? vs. Alessandro base coat
Today is a very meh day :( I'm really not a fan of brown polish and I also don't care much about base coat. I'll use base coat more so I'll go with Alessandro.

Day 11: Essence Snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven vs. Alessandro Hydrating Nice day hand cream
Same as with day 4, I'm not a fan of hand cream testers. The Essence topper looks amazing, white and holo glitters <3 Essence wins :)

Day 12: Essence What a grey-t night! vs. Alessandro Velvet red
Another hard day :) Essence What a grey-t night! is a very interesting shade, a grey with redish shimmer so I'll pick it as my winner today.

Day 13: Essence nail stickers Ho! Ho! Ho! vs. Alessandro Steel magnolia
I've seen my fellow bloggers rave about Alessandro Steel magnolia but I'm not that impressed. I'm also not a fan of stickers but I love the name :D I see what you did there, Essence :D

Dan 14: Essence My wish list vs. Alessandro Pedix feet Heel rescue balm
Today s a great day. For some strange reason I'm really feeling this baby pink polish. My feet however have been a real nightmare lately so I'm more excited to try the Alessandro foot balm.

Day 15: Essence Kiss under the mistletoe vs. Alessandro Gel look top coat
Essence Kiss under the mistletoe is a gorgeous dark green color <3 I have enough top coat as it is and this "gel like"ones usually give me shrinkage :( Essence wins this one.

Day 16: Essence Add on magic! vs. Alessandro Nail spa Coco mango nail butter
While sparkling matte top coat sounds interesting, I'm a huge sucker for nail care so I'm more excited to the try Alessandro's nail butter :)

Day 17: Essence Berry-tale vs. Alessandro Sinful
I love both of these colors <3 Berry-tale is a dark shimmery purple and Sinful looks just the right nude for my skin tone. Both Essence and Alessandro are winners!

Day 18: Essence Sweet caramel sweets vs. Alessandro Pro white nail effect polish
Alessandro Pro white nail effect polish no doubt :) My nails are very stained and I'm curious if this could help.

Day 19: Essence The night of magic vs. Alessandro Glitter queen 
This would be another great combo of dark indigo polish and metallic glitter. I'm a little bit more drawn to Alessandro topper.

Day 20: Essence nail file vs. Alessandro Pedix Go easy moisturizing foot balm 
I'm very faithful to my glass nail file so Alessandro wins again :)

Day 21: Essence From me to you vs. Alessandro Nail polish thinner
Essence From me to you is a very unique mix of colors and I don't think I have anything like it in my collection. I do however have a lot of thick nail polish so Alessandro wins again today :)

Day 22: Essence Winter wonderland vs. Alessandro Express nail hardener
Winter wonderland looks cute which I rarely say about pastels :) My nails are very hard (and dry) on their own so I don't need nail hardeners. Essence wins :)

Day 23: Essence See you in my dreams! vs. Alessandro Rich & royal
Rich & royal look very interesting but a nice topper will always steal my heart :) Good job Essence!

Day 24: Essence glitter cosmetic bag vs. Alessandro Snowball hand cream
Here we go, final day! Damn time went fast :) Both brands did very well today. While cosmetic bag is adorable, the glitters will probably get all over my bag. Today I'm gonna have to go with Alessandro Snowball hand cream, which smell amazing. It smells like oranges and winter spices so it's perfect for this time of the year <3

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  1. Wau tale Alessandro je pa lepotec! Tale Essence je pa že 6 odtenek danes ki ga vidim :D

    1. Alessandro Dark rubin je res za pogledat <3 Jap, zelo zanimivo taktiko je ubral Essence, sem sklepala, da imamo vse isto zaporedje :D

  2. Haha great! I've got the Ciate one....get it every year! Would have loved the Essence one though! Don't think they sell it over here though :-|

    1. Oooooh Ciate looks amazing <3 I'm Essence will release another calendar next year and it will sell on more locations :)

  3. Oooooh I'm so excited for this! I bet even being more affordable that essence makes a good showing.


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