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Lately I have been trying to get back to doing nail art. I'm starting with the basic stuff like my previous mani, so don't expect any miracles yet :) I've been struggling with picking and placing gems and studs on my nails so I chose wax nail art pen as one of the Lady queen products I was sent for review.

The pen comes in a pack of two. It's a white, soft wax pen that you first have to sharpen. I used a regular sharpener and it did the work just fine. The tip of the pen sticks to the gem just enough to transfer it on the nail. It does not work perfect, sometimes the gem doesn't want to stick or the pen leaves some white residue if you press too hard. However it will last you a lifetime and for the price of 0.65$ per piece I'm OK with that :)

Two wax nail art pens are available here for 1.27$ 

You can also get 15% off your purchase with the code EDLC15

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  1. Looks like a useful thing to have :-)

  2. I definitely need this in my tool box.

    1. It's a very useful tool and it wil last you a lifetime :D

  3. Uu, tole bi pa bilo nekaj zame, ker sem tako nerodna :D
    P.S. Kje si pa našla Midsummer's night vosek? Ko sem ga v Celju iskala ga niso imeli :/

    1. Midsummer's night sem gledala v njihovi poslovalnici v Ljubljani na Nazorjevi. Če rabiš, ti komot vzamem in pošljem :D

    2. Hvala, pridem jutri v Ljubljano in ga bom šla kar iskat :D


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