Review: Essie polishes part 1 (Bahama mama, Watermelon and Meet me at sunset)



It feels like forever since my last post :) But now that I have more time I hope my blogging schedule will go back to normal. Back in the Summer I got a lovely surprise from Essie Slovenija, they sent me 6 polishes to keep me company during the Summer. Today I'm gonna show you the first three beauties; Essie Bahama mama, Essie Watermelon and Essie Meet me at sunset. 

Essie Bahama mama is one of their most known colors I feel. Bahama mama is a beautiful burgundy red with strong purple undertones. The polish is very pigmented and glossy on its own. It's such a ladylike shade and I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of it in the upcoming Autumn too.

 Essie Bahama mama 2 coats + top coat

Another well known polish is Essie Watermelon. The name suits it quite well, Watermelon is a vibrant, juicy red pink shade. Like Bahamam mama it's very pigmented and glossy.

Essie Watermelon 2 coats + top coat

My last pick for today is Essie Meet me at sunset, a bright orangey red shade. Meet me at sunset was a tad less pigmented than Bahama mama and Watermelon but still opaque in two thin coats. It's a classic shade, suitable for all occacasons. 

Essie Meet me at sunset 2 coats + top coat

Thank you again, Essie Slovenija! Which of the three shades do you like best? I'd have to go with Bahama mama <3

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  1. I love these shades! I'm your new follower # 332 if you want to come on my blog ♡

  2. These are nice. I do like the pink one :-)

    Your nails are looking great :-D

    1. Thank you <3 I loved Watermelon too, it's such a fun shade.

  3. Ful časa sem se izogibala Bahame Mame, zdaj pa bi jo prav z veseljem nosila. :)

    1. Kako pa to, da si se je izogibala? :D Zdajle bo idealen čas zanjo :D

    2. Ma ne vem, zdelo se mi je, da je ful folka navalilo nanjo in barva se mi ni zdela nič kej posebnega. Ampak na tvojih fotkah res dobro zgleda, tko da moram mal premilsit... :D


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