Avon Red velvet



Another quick post, this beautiful nail polish is Avon Red velvet and I won it in Adjusting beauty's giveaway. Thanks again Petra! <3
Avon Red velvet is a darkened shimmery red, not the most original shade but a very classic and popular one. It's really opaque, you could wear it with just one coat but two coats give it a beautiful depth. Sadly my mani bubbled a bit cause of the summer heat but it was still a great one to wear.

Avon Red velvet 2 coats + top coat 

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  1. Čudovito izgleda na tvojih nohtih ;) meni se zadnje čase tako lomijo da prav pogrešam dolge nohte. Hvala za link ;)

    1. Ni problema <3 Joj hvala :) Meni pa spet rastejo nazaj, polet še bolj hitro kot pozimi.

  2. Replies
    1. It is, such a classic shade :) Thank you <3


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