Kleancolor Holo chrome



As you may have noticed I stopped doing Catch of the month posts a while ago cause I'm really trying to minimise my buying obsession. In fact, the majority of my polish stash is still untried (horror, I know). So instead of buying new things I decided it's time to shop my stash and look for forgotten pretties in my helmer.
I bought Kleancolor Holo chrome quite a while ago. It's a beautiful combo of a blue jelly base packed with holo glitters and deep blue glitters which unfortunately aren't that visible. You could probably get it opaque in a few coats but I decided to layer it over p2 So cool!, a metallic blue. I loved the combo, metallic base gave it depth and the holo glitters looked bomb in the sun <3

p2 So Cool! 2 coats + Kleancolor Holo chrome 1 coat + top coat

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  1. This is an amazing one - but I found it hard to remove! :-)

    I know what you mean, I've so, so many untrieds it's unreal! I keep telling myself to stop buying and start wearing!

    1. Mine came off really easy, maybe because I layered it and it was only one coat of glitter? Worth it even if I had to scrub :)

  2. I know what you're saying about minimizing buying obsession and shopping your own stash that is mostly untried! This polish or really polish combo is pretty!!

    1. Thank you <3 Yeah sometimes we forget what we already have :)


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