p2 Purple charism



I am back after a short break :) Sorry for no post on Saturday, my computer broke and is currently being fixed which meant i didn't have anything to show you since all my photos were on it. Let's hope they manage to save my files and pics. Now to the better stuff: nail polish <3 Luckily I still had some pics of it on my camera cause I was too lazy to upload them to my computer :) Today I'm gonna show you a purple beauty, p2 Purple charism. Nomen est omen sounds about right, this combo of purple base and gold shimmers really is charismatic. I really hope we get p2 in drugstores some day (same goes for Kiko).
Now I'm sitting here with my nails naked, feel kinda lost and with no clue what to put on :(

p2 Purple charism 2 coats + top coat

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  1. dobro si rekla, za ovog važi - nomen est omen *.*

  2. Sicer nisem huda ljubiteljica vijolične, ampak tale mi je pa všeč! <3

    1. Meni je pa vijolčna ful fajna barva <3 Mi zadnje čase zelena ne paše, ampak se v vsaki barvi najdejo kakšni lepi odtenki

  3. Now this is a stunning purple and I love the shimmer :-D

  4. OOoooooohhhh! Very regal! <3


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