Review of 2014: My favourite manis



Another year, another review :) Browsing through post I realised I obviously need to do more nail art cause I really like it but I feel like I'm always saying that :) Same as last year, I chose a fave mani for each month and I included the links to the original post. Let's check out what I've been up to.

January Louboutin nails

February Snowflakes

March Snake print

April Kiko 245 Pearly dark ruby 

May Neon summer tribal

June Color club Wink wink twinkle

July Essence I'm backstage and China glaze Optical illusion

August Tony Moly SH03 Neon round

September Galaxy cat nails

October Neon studded Yes love 

November Damask nails

December Negative space studs.html

This is it :) Hope you have a good night tonight and see you in 2015!
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  1. Some really great ones here. I did love The Galaxy Cat Nails :-D

    Happy New Year :-D

    1. I loved that one too <3
      Happy New Year to you as well *.*

  2. So many pretty manis and amazing colors! Can't wait to see what this year has in store! ^_^

    1. Thank you! I'm excited as well, 2015 can bring it :)


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