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Like many nail bloggers I'm always on the hunt for the best top coat :) Unfortunately I'm one of the lucky people that experiences polish shrinkage with many fast drying top coats so that limits my options quite a bit. My current two favourites are Essence Studio nails ultra gloss nail shine and Invincible II dry fast top coat

Essence Studio nails ultra gloss nail shine is a top coat I got at Catrice and Essence event, I took it out of curiosity and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's one of the best drugstore top coats I ever tried.
+ it's fast drying
+ doesn't give me shrinkage
+ doesn't thicken up
- can smudge stamping if not applied properly
- doesn't give that "gelish-plastic-seche-vite" effect

Invincible II dry fast top coat is only available online (at least where I live). It's a sibling of Seche vite, they're even from the same manufacturer if I remember correctly. It's supposed to be an improved version of Seche vite, modified for people who experienced shrinkage with it.
+ it's fast drying
+ doesn't smudge stamping
+ doesn't thicken up
+ keeps nail art (studs, beads) in place 
+ great for smoothing out glitter
+ does give that "gelish-plastic-seche-vite" effect
- sometimes gives me shrinkage (strangely it works best over dry polish even though it says to put it over wet)

As you can see, Invincible doesn't deliver completely with their shrinkage claims. What I usually do is combine both top coats, first I put Essence Studio nails over wet polish and once it dries, I top it all with a coat of Invincible.

If you have any recommendation I'm always glad to hear them :)
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  1. I use Nutra Nail Speed Dry and really like it. I need another bottle soon... >_>

    1. It's great when you find the perfect top coat :)

  2. I rarely use a top coat - I mean hardly ever! But the one I use is Nubar Diamont TC and never noticed any shrinking with it!! :-)

    I seem to have accumulated lots of top coats! With set and the likes - I've got about 8 and I don't need them! I'd be happier if it were 8 base coats because I get through a bottle of base coat rather quickly!

    1. Really? I would die without a fast drying top coat :D Tell me about it, it sucks when you buy a base/top coat and it's not working for you cause that means that you're stuck with it haha :) I have quite a collection of both


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